CAM V3 shipment delayed?


To be honest, I’m really disappointed! I ordered 6 v3 cams on November 3rd. Up until this morning they would be shipped this month.

Now, I see they will be shipped in January, without any explanation, without any notification.

Wyze… what are you doing? I’m strongly thinking about canceling this order now.


I started looking for the 3 that I pre-ordered on October 28th. When I looked at “My Orders” it says the same thing…Ships in January.

Rather disappointing…

|Pre-Order - Ships in January

I just looked at my order which was also placed on the 3rd and said the same thing up until today as well but I wonder if they’ll be available at my local micro center by then.

Ordered mine on 10/27 with November ship date, now it was changed to specifying no ship date, just pre~order, this can not be good😔

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You may want to contact Wyze Customer Support about this issue!
By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online:

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Yep, I already contacted support. I am sure Wyze will take care of it. They have been a great company and I am happy with all the Wyze products I own.

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I also received an E-Mail a couple hours ago stating that my pre-order shipping. I placed my order in the morning on 10/28.
Glad I will live with my `17 V2 and 2 Pans for a while longer…

I think they will be sending out emails to everyone because I also received an email update a few hours ago.

I received an email yesterday as well. Mine indicated that it would be shipped in December. I was disappointed in the fact that they waited until the end of November to tell me of the delay and also that there was no mention of an easy way to cancel the order. I will hang tight, as I don’t have to have these cameras right away. I do think they shouldn’t have billed us for them until they shipped however, particularly with the delay.

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Items should not be billed until shipped. I paid for my camera in October and still don’t have it. Since then they have announced many more products. It appears they are using our money to finance future products. I was very close to purchasing the robot vacuum until I saw the January delivery date. Based on what I’m seeing they will not meet that target. I’m afraid Wyze has become too big. They have too many projects going at once. When you take a customer’s money and don’t deliver the product for two months it almost appears to be a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes all collapse eventually.


The V3 sounds good in the description but with Wyze you never know if it is true.

I decided to wait for a significant cutomer base on V3’s and their reviews, problems, etc. before I buy any.

Glad I didn’t order any yet, wonder how much money they have received so far?

The V3 is good. I actually received mine. The low light capability and outdoor weather protection makes it much better then the V2.

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Well I have got to say I am extremely disappointed in Wyze right now. I also ordered my V3 November 1 with a a November ship date. They waited until the 28th of November to advise now it may ship in December. You have included them in your “holiday sales”. Wonder if that is for the 2021 holidays.
It seems you are using your present customers money to fund your future products without delivering what we have already paid you for.
I am definitely rethinking doing further business with you unfortunately.


My single v3 (ordered October 28) is on the way and expected to arrive December 1. It departed the USPS facility in Seattle early yesterday morning.

My shipping info is completely missing now, doesn’t even say when its shipping. I bought mine Oct 29th. My status is set to “Pre-Order v3”. Besides getting a e-mail about delays, who else is upset they charge taxes for out of state buyers. The only thing I can think is that company that takes your payment is in my state, which might be the case.

You are very fortunate to have received it.
Several people have ordered and PAID for these device’s several months ago.
WYZE has had our money and now don’t even know when we will get them.
I see however they are included in their holiday offers.
I guess they are advertising for the holidays in 2021.
Enjoy your V3 perhaps we may see them in our lifetime.
Exaggerated yes just like their advertising.

And in my case, which I bought during the black friday, in the promotion that by signing the “cam plus”, I would get a coupon to redeem a camera … I didn’t receive a coupon, nor an email, nothing! I sent a message to support and the response I received was basically a text implying that I am not eligible for the promotion. Absurd!

I pre-ordered mine on Oct. 27th, Wyze showed shipped by end of Nov. Order shows shipped on Nov. 26th with a delivery of 12/1 but USPS shows shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item
Nov 25, 2020 at 8:34 pm but USPS still has not received from Wyze as of 12/1. I should have learned from the massive screw up with the Bands and Scales never to order from them again. I’m sorry but putting a label on a box does not count as shipped! Sitting in limbo for a week is just really poor business and I’ll be kicking myself for sometime for falling for the Wyze con of customer service.


I pre-ordered 4 v3s on October 27th with the product listed as shipping in November as well, and I have yet to receive a shipping confirmation. Customer service has been useless.
I have another pre-order for 2 doorbells, but I am considering canceling all my pre-orders, and filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
I’m sure that many tech journalists that praise Wyze Cam would like to hear about their deceptive practices too.

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I ordered one V3 cam on October 27th and I received the cam today via USPS. I was emailed a tracking number last week. I replaced my driveway pan cam with it hoping to have the advertised better night vision. Will know tonight!

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