Cam v3 Event Recording turns off randomly

I have a Plus subscription assigned to one v3 camera. Under Event Recording I have “Detects Motion” set to on. However, I notice periodically that no events are being caught and when I go back and check the “Detects Motion” setting it has turned off. Here are some things I’ve checked and tried:

  • Deleted Schedules (I had 1 schedule that was assigned to a different camera, but deleted it to be safe)
  • Cleared App cache
  • Uninstalled and re-installed app
  • Unassigned and re-assigned the Plus service to the camera
  • Confirmed the latest app and firmware are installed

I also was directed to this article: However, there is no “Schedule” tab under Event Recording, so the “All Day” option is not available anywhere.

Really frustrating to pay for Plus and then have the camera inconsistently record. Chatting with support has not been helpful. Anyone have similar issues with a successful resolution?

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I have CamPlus on 10 Cam V3, 1 Video Doorbell V1, and 1 PanCam V1.

My CamPlus motion events and AI Events are quite stable and only experienced an issue with Event Recording settings reverting once. That was immediately after I did an App update.

Now, with my system stable and operating, I am quite militant about allowing updates.

Did you update the Firmware or App recently? Is this cam shared with anyone? Any Rules set?

I have my cams set to record all motion, but I have notifications for all motion off and I have also filtered out all motion events on my Events Tab. I have my cams also set to various combinations of Smart AI Event recording with notifications on for these. These are the only ones I see in the events tab.

I know you said that the Event Recording\Detects Motion toggle reverts to off, so it probably isn’t this, but be sure you have your notifications on and your Events Tab filters set to show that cam and motion events.

Sadly, this is not an option on the V3. It does exist for the Doorbell and PanCam, and possibly other cams …but not the V3.



If the toggle reversion continues, you will need to submit a ticket and log to support.

Thanks for the reply, but yes- firmware and app are up to date. And it isn’t an
event filtering issue because the event recording just turns off without me changing the setting.

Understood. Not sure what could be causing that. I’m not using the latest app or FW because of the constant random issues Wyze has been introducing with every iteration. They are so much more talented at instability than innovation.

I’m also having this problem on 4 cameras with Cam Plus. I joined the forum to look for help. fixed I’d set some rules up in IFTTT to switch detection off(!)

I have had the same issue, which I may have fixed by doing all the same items you mentioned, also.
I’m still having an issue with 2 Cam V3’s turning OFF randomly! Just this morning I checked them and they both had been turned off during the night. I leave them on constantly unless work is being done outside that will trigger them too much. Checking constantly to make sure they are on shouldn’t be needed. It’s very frustrating.

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Are these cams turning off (grey circle OFF in home screen) or offline with the cloud icon?

I have a bunch of V3 running 24\7 for over a year and never had any turn off all by themselves. Offline yes, but Off no.

Are the cams shared? Do you have any schedules or rules running that would action the cam power? Are the cams used with any digital assistant platform that could action the power?

Thanks for asking.

I have 2 linked together with a Rule. They show grey circle OFF if both cameras have turned off. Otherwise it shows ON and one camera may be off after I click through.
They are connected to my Wi-Fi, use Cam Plus, are not scheduled, and that’s it as far as I know.

It sounds like you have your two cams Grouped together in a Group. Rules are the pencil n the top right and use triggers and actions for automation.

But yes, so long as one of the cams is On within the Group, the power indicator will also be on for the Group. Rather than that circle being a status indicator, it is more of an On/Off button to press for all cams within the group.

This is a limitation of the current App UI and isn’t very informative at all. If one or more of the cams is Off, the indicator should turn Orange with text indicating that some are on and some are off. If some are offline, it should turn Yellow with a warning triangle. :warning: Perhaps this warrants a new entry for the #Wishlist.

Since you don’t have any rules built (shortcut buttons, scheduled times off/on, automated device triggers/actions, GPS location triggers) and the cams are not shared with anyone else who might toggle them, there shouldn’t be a reason for them to shut off.

I have read in the forums that some have suspected a cam overheating might shut itself off, but I don’t have any experience with that or how the power regulation logic is programmed in the IC.

Some things that you might try in order to troubleshoot the shutoff issues:

  • use a uSD card inserted into the cam to pinpoint the shut off time to see if this is happening at a specific time and how often. Set the uSD recording to continuous. When you find that the cam has shut down, power it back on and go to the uSD footage and see the instant it stopped recording.

  • Take the cams out of the group and put them on your main page temporarily to monitor their power status. In the main page, the on/off should be accurate for the cam.

  • Once you find out if it is one cam or the other shutting off, move it to see if a new location makes it act differently. Perhaps swap it out with a cam you know doesn’t shut off.

Good luck!

Thank you. I will make some changes and see what happens.

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