Cam v2 "This device is offline" but isn't!

Looking at my cameras in grid mode, everything is good, except for my front yard camera (v2, with Plus). It shows the current view, but has an overlay saying “This device is offline.” Only it isn’t because it’s a live view!

I’ve rebooted the camera 6 times now, physically unplugged, waited up to 20 minutes, and plugged it back in, and did a factory reset on it twice. That blasted overlay won’t go away!

Please tell me this can be fixed!

It’s a very common problem that has been the case for a long time. Power cycling SOMETIMES will help, but often the only fix is to wait it out. Might take hours, might take weeks.

This issue is supposed to be fixed via a firmware update sometimes this month.

Given their record, that’s not very promising.

Epic fail on Wyze.all my devices have shown as offline for weeks now.
Huge disappointment
Support has been worthless as well.
Shame on you Wyze.

I have a single v2 out of several that does this about every ten days. It was doing it every three or four days so… improvement?

Luckily, power cycling fixes it for me and though it’s remote I have a cooperative helper to do the deed on occasion.

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Ok, here’s one for the NEW MAVENS.

First time EVER.

Happened. Busy doing other things did nothing lived with it. FIXED ITSELF. :astonished:


My Night Vision setting changed simultaneously as well ??? From ‘On’ to ‘Auto’ - which it always used to be but I’d changed a few days prior to ‘On.’


Did you update the firmware? Sometimes that can mess with settings. See if it happens again, and if so get a device and an app log

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Nope. Totally passive. Just viewing cams mostly. Maybe they fixed it server side and it (the original prob) will never happen again?? And then they’ll fix the side-effect Night Vision toggle!!

And we’re GOLDEN!

Will monitor and submit upon further developments… :slight_smile:

Strange, keep me updated!

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