Cam Recording events and local sdcard at double 2x speed

I just noticed that all of my events and even local playback recordings are recording at double speed. Just to be sure, I recorded a video from playback and everything is sped up? I can’t find where to change this setting or is it a bug or a feature? Thanks. Wyze cam on latest firmware.

A far as I know that is a bug. I am not %100 sure though. It may be a future, but I have never heard of it.

Yeah, started happening in last 2 weeks. Upgrades to latest firmware made no change.

I would recommend submitting a log to Wyze if you want to. Anyway, I hope everything works out!

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What app version are you running?
A recent update added fast-forward for Cam Plus videos. This would include 2X and 4X speed.

Mine is doing the same, I have two cameras a first production model wyazes and a V2 wayzes, I recorded videos and they all are x2 speed playback? Also, the share does not work.