Cam plus to Cam plus unlimited

Hi, I just signed up for the Cam plus unlimited.
What happens now with my previous cam plus individual subscription? Will it auto convert? How to handle subscriptions? I don’t need both

you will logon to the Wyze Site, sign-in to the My Account area (Customer Login) Ten go to My Services (Wyze Services) Note, you could go to the service link I provided directly. Then you click edit next to the service you want to remove and when the next page appears, click cancel in the top right.2021-11-26T05:00:00Z

I would move any Camer’a on your existing Cam Plus to your unlimited License first.

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Thanks for that, I think there should of been some warning on that during purchase of unlimited
on how to deal/convert existing cam plus subscriptions

I ran into tthe same thing. But I did get my credit for the remaining time relatively quickly. But not sure if it was a credit to use in the store or to my CC. I purchase a lot from Wyze so I wasn’t concerned either way.