Cam Plus Pro Launches as an Invite-Only Service - 1/5/22

I have three cameras facing inside my home in rooms that are where the main entrances are. This way when I am not home, I can see if someone enters my home either by door, window or by force through the door or windows. Having the monitoring service keep tabs on these and knowing the emergency responders will respond if I am not home would ease my mind. I mainly use the monitoring portion of Cam Plus for when I am away on holiday or vacation so they can monitor my home in my absence.

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I’ve got over a dozen cameras on Cam Plus subscriptions. I don’t live in the USA. I don’t need professional monitoring services. Friendly Faces should be part of Cam Plus as well as Cam Plus Pro. I’m not sure if that’s the plan or not. Does anybody know?

Friendly Face Detection works on the basic doorbell.

Friendly Face Detection DOES NOT work on the Pro Doorbell. It’s not very Pro.