Cam Plus Pro Launches as an Invite-Only Service - 1/5/22

I have three cameras facing inside my home in rooms that are where the main entrances are. This way when I am not home, I can see if someone enters my home either by door, window or by force through the door or windows. Having the monitoring service keep tabs on these and knowing the emergency responders will respond if I am not home would ease my mind. I mainly use the monitoring portion of Cam Plus for when I am away on holiday or vacation so they can monitor my home in my absence.

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I’ve got over a dozen cameras on Cam Plus subscriptions. I don’t live in the USA. I don’t need professional monitoring services. Friendly Faces should be part of Cam Plus as well as Cam Plus Pro. I’m not sure if that’s the plan or not. Does anybody know?

Friendly Face Detection works on the basic doorbell.

Friendly Face Detection DOES NOT work on the Pro Doorbell. It’s not very Pro.

I have no idea about “Cam Plus Pro”.

But last summer / fall in 2021, I went for a 20 min speedwalk.
I forgot to log out of “HMS” (home status active). I also, did not recognize ph call number, while exercising and did not

When I arrived home, I then noticed it was “HMS” (Noonlight) and the text read “police were notified” . but

I thought, I would get charged for a false alarm . False alarm ? What I got was, No police after 30 mins. I had Noolight, cancel the request. Noonlight said they would try. So with that said, 3-5 months later nada.

I kno every city n town have different response times. But 30 mins waiting for help ? That is, “No Bueno”. I

I live in a metro area (pop 130k) between 2 hospitals, two fire station and 3 schools. “Mayberry RFD”, it is not !

Sad to kno, in a n emergency, “I’m on my own ?” , Yikes !

This is Not, Wyze, HMS or Noonlights fault.
But, they would have been better off calling, “GhostBusters” !

Leaving me wondering, where are those “High Tax Rate” dollars are going ???

If you just love how poorly Cam+ works you’ll be amazed at how even poorer Cam+ Pro is.
Not only won’t you get notifications, you don’t even get the app! You get you write your own app so you can have it just the way you want it. It’s called Wyze Me. Once you have Wyze Me, just go to school for 3 years and learn to code. Then come back and cry because in the meantime everything has been stolen from your house.
A attempt at humor. Like I said only an attempt.

Another ask for a “spare” invite? Feel free to DM me :slight_smile:

I’d appreciate an invite code, please; if anybody has one

Welcome to the forum @permittivity

If you have not already done so, you can go to Wyze Home Monitoring Service

You will be presented with a form to Request access

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Here you go…

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How many Friendly Faces are included with the CamProPlus subscription? Are we still limited to 10?

To the best of my knowledge the limit is still 10 with Cam Plus Pro.

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