Cam Plus now a paid service

Was very disappointed to learn that I now have to pay for Cam Plus - after when I first purchased this product the feature was included and was not told that it would revert to a pay service. Really I only need motion detection and to report it to my ios device. I was asked that since I was an original user what I would be willing to pay for this service - at the time I said $0 - as when I purchased the CAM I was led to believe this was a feature of the product. After going thru Wyze’s questionaire they gave me the impression that they would honor my $0 request … now I learn that I have to pay for it. Unfortunately, the questionaire was an interactive process so I have no record and I guess no recourse … Very disappointed … that a company would do this.

Guess I will look for other Cams where I can get what I want without having to pay for services that I thought were part of the product to begin with …

Two different things. CamPlus (formerly CMC aka Complete Motion Capture) was always a paid service.

Free person detection for “legacy” users (accounts older than 11/2019) was what you signed up for $0. It should be available to you if you qualify. If there is a problem you should probably check your camera settings or contact support. It’s supposed to work on all cameras on your account.

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If you waited until now to try and sign up for $0 Person Detection you may be out of luck.
The email noyice you received showed a cut off date of Oct. 6.
You may still be able to get it if you contact support.

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