Cam Plus License

I purchased an annual CamPlus License and it says I have “1 license available.” I have 4 cameras, 2 in-house and one on the garage and one on the front door. The front door is a wireless camera. I want the license applied to this camera, however, when I go to Available Devices, it shows the Garage, Family Room and Living Room. No Front Door. How do I get the license applied to the Front Door?

By front door wireless cam, do you mean it’s a Wyze Outdoor cam? I don’t think Cam+ works on WOC.

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Well this stinks. I bought three and it made no indication it doesn’t work on wireless and I cannot seem to find a way to get a refund on that one license sitting idle.

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@Hemi is correct! Cam Plus is not currently compatible with the WCO.

Yes, I bought for the wireless camera above front door. Lotta good Cam Plus does then.

On a bright side they intend on CamPlus working with WCO, I just have not heard a final date on that yet

Cam Plus for WCO is currently on the Beta app. I got a 20 sec video clip today on my WCO so shouldn’t be too much longer before it is released to the production app.

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Coming soon!

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