Cam Plus Early Bird Special Announcement!

I did not buy the cameras because they had free person detection, I bought cameras before they ever had person detection on them, and I’m not paying for person detection I am paying for complete motion capture


We is NOT all of us. My cams were purchased well before PD was available, it came later as an added perk. I have SD cards in all my cams but still had cmc on half my cams. Having a SD card won’t help if the cam is stolen and frankly it’s just more convenient to view a complete motion event.

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I’ve got 5 cameras but currently only use 4. I also ordered the outdoor wireless camera. Does that initial early bird price of $11.xx cover all of my cameras on my app or do I have to pay the additional fee for each camera that’s in use on the app?

Based on their current set up it is per camera. If you go in the app it specifically states per camera. Hope this helps.

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To go back to this original post. I did sign up for the monthly plan just to test it out before I do the yearly plan. It works flawlessly, no issues there. I use it with my V2.

As far as my original comment goes, sure I was a little upset because when I bought the cam it had free PD and now you have to pay for it, I guess there are 2 options left either sing up or leave. I guess you can say I got over it and bought Into the cam plus.

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I think you guys confused me enough that I ordered a Reolink POE system & NVR for all my outside security needs. I’ll keep the Wyze stuff for messing around inside the house, and the new Outdoor cam will just go on the back of the boat trailer to help me see whats happening at the end of the trailer.

I think that will be cheaper in the long run rather than having to pay per camera monthly.

I decided to jump on this offer, and now the pan cam I have at my front door doesn’t record any motion. No events, no notifications. I checked the settings, and everything is turned on. Firmware is up to date. I have literally watched five cars drive by in the last hour, and nothing. All I get is the green box on the live view for motion tagging

I’m waiting for my outdoor cams that I am supposed to receive in October 2020. Can I add these cameras on my account at this early bird annual rate?

@atrejo.ppc Yes, you can buy extra licenses using the EBIRD discount. However, one thing to consider the outdoor cam doesn’t currently work with CamPlus. Wyze did say it was coming soon though. How soon I’m not sure.

Why does it say I have cam plus but I’m only able to record 12 sec videos? I’ve updated go latest version but nothing has changed. I’ve also tried purchasing the annual plan, but it keeps refunding the charge

I bought 8 licenses last night :slight_smile: hopefully CamPlus works well!


So far it works about the same as CMC, missed two events yesterday. I think the “Plus” refers to the higher price.

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I have taken 2 and it is working well but what worries me a bit is whether it will work as well after a future firmware or application update.

Recently everything started to go wrong after an update. It took 3 months, and several updates, to come back to normal. I cross my fingers. Now, I’m very satisfied.

The Plus is for person detection combined at the CMC service. Previously, the person detection was not compatible with CMC.

Then what is the new higher price for? Just for giggles? Computer storage only gets cheaper and cheaper so raising prices without notice or consent is just illogical and shows a a sleazy and greedy way to do business. If the product was bulletproof and reliable they could charge whatever they want but we know it is a flaked product so I think by raising prices just shot themselves in the foot as there many alternatives on the market that they just made look more attractive. It is incomprehensible why they did this and did it mid month and double billed everyone when the could have upgraded users as their plans renewed or just kept the billing bookkeeping issues to themselves rather than generating credit card company activity which must have cost them money as well as respect from customers. Pathetic. Still have only seen new charges and no credit. Camera missing activity like before. So clearly the only “plus” is the price.

As I can see, I opened the door for you to express your displeasure yet again. I did this not long ago. I can tell you that I don’t fully share it, but you have the right to express yourself. We all have different experiences. As far as I’m concerned, this is the first time (since just 2 days) that I have subscribed to a paid service from Wyze. At the moment, I am satisfied. For the future, we’ll see.

For your question, I already answered.

Just going by the questions in this forum there are still so many people that have no idea what Cam Plus is.
Too many changes at once. People are confused by the terms, CMC, Cam Plus, PD and Person Detection.


yes, and who fault is that?
If people don’t understand a company’s product the only one hurt us the company. It is on them to market their products effectively. When a customer signs up fir one device and finds that the next day they have been switch yo something else that cost 33% more that is just plain wrong.

The early bird ends before my free trial, would’ve missed that if I hadn’t come here wondering why cam plus trial camera wasn’t detecting anything yesterday. But, camera that I had paid CMC / now CAMplus on wasn’t affected.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the trial appeared just as I was going to enroll it into CMC…