Cam Plus AI - Provide separate AI Detection and Notification options

Thank You by the way! That app is awesome! On top of using it for Wyze notifications I am using it for other smart home app notification as well!

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You are quite welcome! It didn’t take me long to buy the full feature app either. It is very comprehensive in what it can do and highly customizable. I am using it across my other Android installed apps as well.

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:cry: They just halted the V3 Beta… And we were so close to getting this. More waiting.


Same here to both!

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I would very much like this feature.

I’ve been quietly checking this thread every few months. Please consider prioritizing this feature. Thanks!

This feature exists now with the beta firmware for me. If you’d like it, join the beta. I have no issues running the beta. But hopefully it will be released soon.

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It was previously available on the Pan and one other cam as a test bed. The V3 is the next cam slated to get it if this iteration of the V3 Beta FW proves out. The last one also had it also but was halted.

Separate smart detection for event recordings and notifications

I would like to have plus cam event recordings for persons, vehicles, pets and packages, but depending on the camera I would like to be notified by for example, just pets and persons. Today I found out it was not possible, and that I can just get notifications on the selected smart detection for event recording. It is a great feature on the event recordings, but we should be able to choose on which of these kind of events to be notified without sacrifying the event recording.

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It is available on the latest Beta Code. But you MUST HAVE Cam Plus on the camera for it to work. Cam Plus Lite will not give you the options you want.

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As @jtbright219 indicated, and as the status of this #roadmap feature shows, the feature to toggle notifications for specific AI types is currently being tested in the current firmware build for the V3 cam and will hopefully pass QA soon to be released publicly.

The feature was previously tested and released on the WCPv1 with great success. I believe it is also available on another Cam as well.