Cam Plus Activation - You have no cameras

I of course do have a camera, so exactly what criteria is the cloud using when it gives me the following screen when I try to activate a Cam Plus licence?

What kind of cameras do you own, I only ask because currently the outdoor cam does not work with CamPlus

Just a V2. I suspect it’s because the camera is in Canada, but that’s not the right message to display if that’s the case.

It is supposed to be available in Canada from my understanding

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I too get the same error except I am paying for (3) licenses. I am also in Canada and own (3) V2 cameras.

I’m not having much luck on trying to find an answer as well and I am seriously considering cancelling my subscriptions.

What firmware is running on the cameras and what version app are you running?

I’m having the same issue

Camera and app are all up to date. In the end I cancelled my existing subscription and then reordered and that fixed my issue. All (3) are now running Camplus.