Cam Pan V2 not showing color in night vision

I’m not getting color with night vision like the website showed.
I’ve tried with IR on and off and nothing.

IR On and NVM Auto

IR On and NVM Off

Website demo picture

Both night vision modes need SOME light to operate. Take your bottom comparison. The Cam Pan shows there is a faint light in the room (probably blackout curtains in the afternoon). The Pan V2 takes that faint light and makes a very nice picture, showing the effectiveness of the starlight sensor.

In the top picture there is no generalized faint light. Just the glow of cracks, or night lights behind furniture. Whereas those areas are lit, the room is not. Since the starlight sensor is not sensitive to the IR lights being on without being in night vision, it has no light to work with.

The very top picture is night vision on with the IR lights on. Turn the IR lights off, and it will be as dark as the second pic (maybe darker).

Both need SOME general light to work. For most people a yard light can provide enough light. Without the yard light you are at the mercy of the clouds and the moon phase, and without a cloudless full moon you will probably be disappointed.

In your situation, I’d use the settings of the top picture. Standard night vision with the IR lights turned on. I don’t know an easy way to put something is that room that would just glow a little in visible light without being a minor distraction to someone sleeping there.


Thank you for the explanation.
That was very helpful.



You were not the only one that was disappointed by this. The color night vision is very misleading with the Pan V2, I would argue false advertising even. In my testing this is no different than my Pan V1s. I have been testing the V2 extensively and even in rooms with a small lamps on, it’s still black and white. Pan V2 drops the ball big time. Not worth the extra money. Also a side note, the demo picture doesn’t show any “general light” at all, it shows a dark room, even darker than the OP’s room.

You can’t have normal night vision on if you want to see color night vision. Color night vision is an extension in sensitivity of normal daytime mode. If you see a B&W picture, your normal night vision is still engaged. Turn it off.

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Same exact experience for me, I found the color night mode terrible and completely useless. I swapped a v1 with a v2 and saw zero difference. Will be going back to v1 and save $50.

Horse hockey. Little bit of bg. I know sensors. My pan v2 with in a room set up as the example on the website produces nothing even remotely close to the example. In fact with nightvision on and IR off my videos are still black and white. If I wasn’t a noob to list I would upload the the images. NO MATTER WHAT SETTINGS NIGHT VISION IS BLACK & WHITE. YES THEY ARE It has nothing to do with how dark as if Imturn off nv you can see some color vs nv no color ir on or off.

Night Vision is always B&W. Always. It is a false mapping of wavelengths you can’t see, to wavelengths you can see. They use a B&W scale as the receiving scale. So Night Vision is always B&W.

But we are talking extended daytime vision here, “color night vision” if you will. The Starlight sensor. You will notice that the room in the example on the Pan Cam V2 website has a lit window. It was taken in daytime. Only 3:37 PM in July, to be exact. Thus plenty of light for the daytime sensor, but with the curtain closed not nearly enough for the original Pan’s daytime sensor. So not Night Vision (as you are still in daytime mode), but illustrates the extended range of the Starlight daytime sensor in real-world darker conditions. :slight_smile:

Well then it’s a straight up lie isn’t it because it says color night vision not color not really dark room in the afternoon vision. Especially since you have to actually turn night vision to off for it to be in color it can’t be an auto and it can’t be in on because if both of those settings are on it will flip to night vision which is only black-and-white the whole thing‘s a lie

Maybe “color at night” vision.

In any case they are simply trying to illustrate how much better it is at seeing at night than the previous model was. :slight_smile:

Well they chose how to poorly. But where else can I get a cat tracking security camera for less the. $50 bucks. It is a good little camera.

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