Cam pan or cam v2 not detecting motion after firmware upgrades

Just got a Cam V2 and and a Cam Pan and neither detect motion. Both are upgraded to the latest firmware and cranked up to 100%. Pan is and Cam is Sux cuz I waited to pull the trigger on these and they aren’t working. :frowning:


I posted this on your other post also, they are looking into an issue


Hi there.
I have the same problem. I correspond with support. Recommended to flash the old firmware

Motion detection and alerts started working!

Hi, same problem with this firmware version on v2 camera. Rebooting resolved the problem temporarily, but then the camera stops event recording at some point. Changing settings with shortcuts might cause event recording to stop, but I’m not sure at this point. It’s a pretty major bug in firmware

I have six (6) Pan Cams, and motion detection has never worked on any of them. I contacted support last fall, but I never received a response. I tried reverting to the earlier firmware that was mentioned in this thread without any success.

Same here. Just bought a new v2 cam and doesn’t track motion, not event record. Going to take it back to Home Depot tomorrow.

Hello @go4two and welcome to the community.

This is unfortunately a known issue that popped up in the last few days, they are actively working on it.

It’s not only Pan cameras. V2 is also affected. In my case only one of two is affected. One will record events, and the other will not. Both have the new firmware. Rebooting helps, but the problem keeps returning.

Same here… 2 new v2 cameras, neither will capture events

The affected camera no longer recognizes the installed SD card. Pulled it and will try to format it.

SD card reformatted. Wyze can V2 wouldn’t reconnect at first after I reinstalled it. But after a few minutes and power cycle it’s now working and recognizing the SD card.