Cam Pan Motion detection Not Working

Literally all they would have to do to replicate this issue is order a Wyze Cam Pan with firmware below x.40 from Amazon—apparently their entire recent stock—accept the firmware update to x.50 on setup, and attempt unsuccessfully to use it. Voilà! Information galore generated by a Wyze Cam Pan that doesn’t work as a cam, right there in the flesh.

Why did you continue to issue a firmware patch that makes the cameras fail, without having any fix? That’s not an engineering issue, at that level. It’s just an inconsiderate and unaccountable choice—one that seems to amount to begging for as many unhappy new customers as possible.

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version .60 appears to be working. Glad you got this done before the weekend.


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Most people are reporting this as fixed now with the update. Are you still having trouble with the motion detection now that we released the firmware update to the public? Was there an issue with your update? If so, please contact our support team through this link so we can help out. :slight_smile:

Submit a request – Wyze

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Just got my Cam Pan. Upgraded to .60 and no motion tracking or motion tagging. Also of course not getting motion alerts.

I have a Wyze cam PAN at Ver and after 7/7/2019 it stopped recording events.
It was recording events before.
Motion tracking is enabled and used to work.
MAC: A4 DA 22 31 11 E4

Please try doing a “Restart Device” through the app or a power cycle. Some people have had success with that after the latest update.

Restarted by power disconnect, and also via the app several times.
4 cameras V2 work OK, but th ePan cam does not capture motion events.

I turned off the Detection ZONE and the camera recorded an event today when someone walked in front of it.

32GB SD card installed
Event Recording: ON
Sound recording: OFF
Send Notifications: OFF
Detection Settings:
Sensitivity: 50
Detection Zone: ON
Detection Zone box set to the full screen image
camera reverts to detection zone 10 secs after manually moving it to any other position
camera tracks people, and reverts to detection zone when motion stops
no events recorded in the app

Event Recording: ON
Sound recording: OFF
Send Notifications: OFF
Detection Settings:
Sensitivity: 41
Detection Zone: OFF
camera does not revert back to a preset position after it is moved manually
camera tracks people, and reverts close to same position when motion stops
event WAS recorded in the app

I initiated a ticket because of the problem with the Cam Pan Motion detection not working after the latest update. I also had a problem with mysterious “spots” that appeared during night vision. Somehow that problem resolved itself, independent of any action on my part.

I haven’t had any problems with my 3 Wyzecam v 2’s, just the Wyzecam Pan. It’s never really tracked correctly. It will pick up the motion of my dog in the back yard but not always follow him as he moves.

Sometimes it will jerk from one spot to another, over and over again.

After I submitted my latest ticket and indicated the Wyzecam Pan was installed outside I was told this violates the warranty and I guess at that point I was no longer eligible for help. I indicated that a) I had installed the Wyzecam Pan in a heavy duty outside housing, and b) I had installed it under a roof eave that extends a foot past the house. The response was that Wyzecam was in the process of making an exterior camera.

I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands of other Wyzecam purchasers that bought the cameras for outside surveillance like i did.

When I signed up as a Beta tester I accepted that there were be glitches along the way. I just marvel at the fact that an imperfect product is being marketed without any disclaimers regarding the fact that up to now we never know if the next update is going to improve or detract from performance.

My Wyzecam Pan has eaten 3 SD cards to date. I am trying a San Disk High Endurance sd card this time to see if that gives me a memory card that won’t be easily corrupted.

We have had a rash of burglaries and car break-ins in our subdivision recently. I wish I had a more reliable surveillance system. Right now I feel my two dogs are my best deterrent, not the cameras, and I worry if someone tried to break in my current system wouldn’t capture it.

Same issue with my new Wyze Cam Pan. Just got the camera yesterday and it was working fine and now it’s not recording any motion events. Updated to the latest firmware
Nothing is helping.

Have you contacted support? Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, please file a Support Request. Depending on the nature of the problem, rather than use the website link, it is helpful to submit an App Log and/or a Firmware Log.

Received today pan cam and same issue .No tagging,no notification,no event recording . From .108 downgraded to .50 after that to 0.40 ,back to latest firmware, again setup,reset… and nothing helps .Amazon will send replacement tomorrow,well see …

I had country blocking turned on, on my firewall and one of the countries that I was blocking was traffic going to China. This was preventing the tagging and tracking from working.

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Correct. I’ve unblocked China, and the cam started working again.

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That sounds scary. Can we allow them in by IP address?

Doesn’t look like it… Country block must be off for the camera to function, and that country is China.

Just China?

We should be okay.

They don’t hack much.:wink: