Cam pan , Firmware , Low audio volume


I am waiting for a fix also…

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I just Purchased this cam pan on Amazon, should I return or wait for a fix?

The speaker volume is really low


It’s not a matter of if it will get fixed Just a matter of when .
If the sound is a High priority for you You could send it back And get a V2 For the time being until It’s fixed


Wyze Ticket 223693…I’m on Android Samsung S7, app version 2.3.16 and firmware with pan cam. I have extremely low volume on my phone and can’t hear what’s happening in the room the cam is in. I have to put the phone speaker to my ear and then I can hear faint sounds. The volume on the camera speaker is fine. Hope there’s a fix soon. Thanks.

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Experiencing this issue with one of my Cam Pans also, latest firmware
Please send out a fix Wyze team !

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My family (and dogs) can’t even hear me when they are standing in front of the pan cam. I switched to a v2 on the other side of the room and they could hear me fine. And before anyone asks, yes the volume is all the way up.

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According to the emails I’m getting from support, this issue is only for those of us using the Pan with a Samsung phone or tablet. They are working with Samsung to fix this issue but say it is more complicated than first anticipated.

So if you’re holding your breath for a quick fix, stop. This has been since March. I have other V2 cams in the same room but if you’re relying on the audio for now I’d return and/or get a V2 to hold you over.


Issue is still ongoing with my Pan cameras. It’s been months now Wyze… Seriously thinking about switching camera systems all together now since none of us have gotten any help or change. It’s a Samsung - Android issue that stems from the app permissions which doesn’t allow the camera(Pan) to operate as it should.


It doesn’t make sense that it’s “complicated” and there will be no quick fix when it was working perfectly before. I use a Samsung phone and my Cam Pan worked perfectly when I first purchased it. Loud volume and sound detection was so good that I had to keep the sensitivity setting at 50%.

Now, sound detection on my cam pan is useless – even with the sensitivity set to Max… not to mention the audio volume issue. If it worked perfectly before, why can’t they just roll back to the code before they broke it? Doesn’t seem like that would be complicated.

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There is a bug With Samsung devices Causing the Audio problem, Wyze team are aware of it and Are working on a fix

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This information has been posted numerous times. Would be nice to actually get an update that fixes this. It’s been months.


This was a harder issue to track down then they thought it was going to be. They had to first isolate it to just Samsung devices, and then they started communicating with Samsung to try to figure out what is the root cause.


Many people come to the forum And understandably do not read the whole thread especially if it is long .
They jump to the latest Replies, That’s why I posted it here Again

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I just received this from wyze support
Jonathan (Wyze)

May 15, [1:44 PM](calendar:T1:1:44 PM) PDT

"Hello Scott,

Our product engineering team has found a software bug that causes an audio issue between Samsung devices and Wyze Cam Pan. Finding a fix for the Cam Pan audio issue is our highest priority right now for the team.

Once there is an update from the engineering team, I will update you on the issue.

I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


Jonathan | Wyze Product Specialist"


what version of firmware doesnt have this SW bug. what is the issue to roll back to it until the issue is fixed

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Hey Scoopscwc, thank you for the update!


That is the exact same email I got from Jonathan, down to the letter, on May 3rd.

This issue has been ongoing since March. Kind of disappointing.

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I agree. I have only bought 1 pan cam. I have a few V2 cams. I will not buy another pan cam until this issue is resolved. That was my response to them. I understand it is a problem dealing with Samsung. I hate dealing with them. They take forever to reply and then say they are testing the fix and it will be out shortly, but it takes months in reality. I blame Samsung not Wyze.


I’m having this issue as well with my pan cam. Specifically playing back the recordings from the SD card. I was viewing a video on my laptop and there were a couple of people talking within 5 feet of the pan cam. I could not hear a thing. The speakers on my laptop were turned up to 100%. In this case, not a phone issue and I also have a Samsung.

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Same issue. I have a Google Pixel 3 phone - NOT a Samsung phone.