Cam pan , Firmware , Low audio volume

Any update when that release will become available?


4.x.6.232 is available to all beta users now.

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I’ve installed the firmware a few days ago on our two Wyse Cam Pans. It appears to be working fine and definitely increases the volume of audio to the point where you can hear people speaking and have a chance of understanding what they are saying. Thanks for the fix!

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glad it solved your problem.

Hello, I also applied the new beta firmware on my Cam Pan, And indeed I hear much better the voices from the people in the room where the cam is located. But they do not seem to hear me well when speaking to them via the app. Have you checked this?

I can hear clearly when talking through the app to the camera. I have Android on Beta 2.17.6 with FW You might have to submit a log if you’re having that issue because that might be different.