Cam pan , Firmware , Low audio volume

I just installed my Wyze Cam Pan. I dutifully updated the firmware as well. I love the cam, but the volume on the speaker is almost non-existent. Any ideas?

It’s a firmware bug. Hopefully they can fix it soon.
Submit a ticket and post it here.


Same here. Will send a ticket.

I created a ticket yesterday (6/23/19), so Im still waiting. I just purchased the Wyze cam pan and I cannot hear anything on the speaker. I wish the volume was as loud as the set up voice. I updated the firmware I can hear perfectly fine on my cell phone, but cannot hear any sound through the camera itself. What should I do?

@offdahuk Since you already submitted a ticket, all you can do is wait for a fix.

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I don’t know if this app update fixed the sound issue… But it says it fixed 2 way sound on some Samsung devices like @Molsonismyblood was referring to earlier. My intercom works now too.

So all my Samsung, Ipad, and Wyze cameras are all up to date but still 3 of 4 cameras don’t have sound. Should I return all 3 of them?

Julie Voigt

Am I the only one experiencing this problem???

I am not sure what is going on but the microphone volume on my Wyze Cam Pan(live stream talking to someone) has significantly decreased. I first noticed the difference in sound output about a week or two weeks ago. Yes… I have troubleshooted the volume on my phone, it is all the way up. App permissions are good. The microphone is maxed out. I’ve cleared the cache on the system as well as in the app itself, but all to no avail. Restarts do not seem work either. The speaker on the camera seems to be in perfect working order as I did a device reset and reconnected the the camera. During the reconnect the voice instructions were as loud as can be just like when I first got the camera. Once connected the sound output diminished significantly; almost to a whisper. Wifi connection is at 98%. I did just recently get the new android update for the Galaxy S9+, I have Verizon. Not that means anything… I’m not sure if that may be the cause or not as it fits within the time line. My other three Wyze Cam v2’s are working perfectly and the volume on those are much louder than the Pan and those three have not changed. Also just tried a brand new Pan and the result is the same. Volume extremely low. Definitely not a camera issue. Possibly firmware??


It happened after the latest firmware update. See this thread here… Put in a ticket too


I’m cross-posting to make sure that everyone gets visibility. Sorry for the audio trouble!


Same here! I just received my first Wyze camera today. I got the pan camera. Did all the troubleshooting, restarted, performed a factory reset, un-installed, re-installed, etc. Will be sending a ticket…


[Wyze Ticket 208611] Request received: Feedback: low speaker volume


My wife actually noticed it before me. Go figure. So YES you can barely hear it.

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I also am having this volume problem. It works great on iOS but on my Android device it is super quiet.

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Volume issues both ways here.

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The same issue here !

Same issue… and now it’s past the deadline to return the Pan Cam for me. Please fix this issue!

I have found that if I go into the phones app settings and pick the wyze app and go to permissions and switch off the microphone the volume on the phone from the pan cam is as loud as the V2 cam. But if you touch the mic button in the app (which switches the mic back on in the permissions) the sound at the pan cam is loud but the sound from the phone is so low you can barely hear it even with headphones. They should change it to using media volume like the V2 cam instead of in-call volume. This seems to be a problem on samsung phones and tablets. Works perfect on my kyocera and lg phones.

Both of my Cam pans have issuse with the mic being extremely soft. Latest firmware installed

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Both my wyze cam pan camera’s audio is inaudible. I’m about to get rid of these cameras and get ring. Just discovered something, I used app on android tablet, no issues, only on Samsung Galaxy S10 plus.