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Jon, did you actually do that or are you assuming?

On firmware you can create a scheduled recording period (up to one month) where motion events are recorded to the camera SD card. You can specify the max length of the recording to go as high as 5 min. You can also set the cooldown lower than 1 min.

I have mine set for 1 minute but you can set it up to 5 minutes with cam plus. Also you can adjust the cooldown period from no cooldown to 5 minutes.
The cam plus is worth if for this camera for my use. The way I have mine set up. It is facing into a corner so what goes in, must come out. Or what goes by, will go by long enough to get captured. I did not realize there was a 3 second lag to start the capture, but for my use, it does not matter.
I guess this is not good for all but it is great for me. I hated this thing when I got it, but a few firmware upgrades and I loved it.

Did you change it in the settings? Mine goes up to 5 minutes with cam plus. Something must be wrong or they have assigned the cam plus to the wrong camera. (You only get one camera with one sub, the 15 bucks a year is only for one of your cameras) Make sure it is assigned to your outdoor cam.

And…I forgot to mention both sd cards in outdoor cam are still virgin. Nothing has ever been recorded. I do get notified…eventually…of movement and a recording on my phone.
Yes, I’ve gone over settings several dozen times.

This camera is worthless to me. Very disappointed in its performance. it constantly shows its offline, it seldom records events, and when it does record, it doesnt save them. im pleased with my other cams, but not with the outdoor.

That is great if you know exactly when your car will gets broken into…otherwise the scheduled recording is useless for my needs…

Aside from having to remember to reset the schedule every month I don’t see why it would be useless for watching over a car. Are you sure you understand how the new functionality works?

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mine does

Johnnie, your camera is defective. our you have not upgraded the firmware. Send it back and get another one. I had issues when I first got one with it being off line. A few firmware upgrades later and it has worked great ever since. Yours should work just as well.

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