Cam outdoor

Last I checked I was getting around 1100 events using up around 85% of the battery.


Im not sure why i dont have a beta icon tho this is my first time in community chat

@darrylmyles0 Go to the Beta thread and see if you have joined. After you join, you should be able to add the Beta badge. Go to your account and set Badge under “title”


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Anyone running 3 or 4 (max) WCOs off a single hub?

I just pre-ordered two more… these are working perfect so far for my use case. This is more about remote view than motion capture.

I will be running 3 off each hub at two locations.

My ring doorbell has excellent motion detection however it does tend to miss the beginning of an event. The battery life is excellent though, it typically uses one percent of battery power per day. My ring outdoor is on the same porch. It rarely catches motion and uses an average of 3 percent per day. I recently had some prankster friends on my porch at night. If it wasn’t for the ring I would have never known they were there. I really hope they can fix these issues with a firmware update.

Ring has nothing to do with WYZE & You stated You have ring on your porch twice

I have pretty much the opposite results, my ring doorbell misses packages being delivered all the time. I have done repeated adjustments to try to fix it. When my Wyze is working, the motion detection works much better than my ring.

Hi @elcaminogy just to clarify. . .

@Pattithequeen (#228 Aug18) asked how the Ring Outdoor Camera was working out for @Postfamily (#222 Aug17) who posted a picture of a WOC being replaced with a Ring Camera w/solar panel.
Unfortunately @Pattithqueen didn’t include the @ in front of Postfamily’s name so doesn’t seem the communication ever progressed.

Then @Buck came along (Oct 03) and replied to @Pattithequeen to discuss the
differences between the Ring doorbell battery life compared to another product (Wyze not mentioned) when in fact @Postfamily doesn’t even have a Ring doorbell. @Pattithequeenwas was asking about another Ring product.

Now @Jhon chimes in to let @Buck know xhe had opposite results with xhs Wize doorbell CAM compared to Ring doorbell CAM. Much better results with Wyze.

Not sure the number of Rings but please know, The Postman Always Rings Twice (© 1946). :laughing:

Is there some rule here I missed where you can’t mention another product?
and are we talking Garfield or Nicholson here?

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Nope, just clearing up some confusion on a misplaced thread spiraling off on a tangent.

No rules 'cept be nice… Other than that I think everything else is open season…

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Not if You post it on Wyze Forum & Your putting Wyze down & promoting the other manufacturer. But I do believe I seen in the rules somewhere not to Mention other Manufacturer’s by Name

If their product is performing as it should and if support is actually supporting then they shouldn’t fear a competitors name or brand being mentioned

TL;DR Competition is good. Makes you better in every way.

Hey @elcaminoguy comparison incentivizes competitive and continuously improved products. Improve one self or get left behind. Don’t be complacent, ignorant or intolerant else you’ll be marginalized. You bet your bottom dollar if Wyze did anything correct, they did research, they studied competing devices with the elephant in the room being: Ring. So natural others including myself would love to hear opinions on competing products. I too have Ring along with Wyze but moreover because I have no trust nor want to have allegiance to one manuf. I have parallel systems throughout my network. Good bad is it doubles triples one’s effort in keeping the system working, but then I get what I want which is a reliable, feature rich, consistent system. Yes, down fall; a messy system.

Yes a fine balance of cost of manuf/service. Case and point is you pay same for Nissan Leaf to Tesla Model 3 but the difference is night and day. So what’s happening? More EV’s are coming out with equal to greater range and power. Tesla Model S vs Porsche Taycan. Porsche knew if they had to succeed they need to better Model S. Competition is good. Manuf needs to hear if they are not providing and don’t improve they will get marginalized. And for Wyze, it’s already happening. If you read other people’s opinion on the new Wyze Doorbell on Slickdeal. you get the gist of o opinions of people who knows what they want and expect. Those are my kind of people. Reading other person’s insightful and not hate filled opinion is the most valuable asset on the web today. Amzn would not be amzn without reviews… period.

Let’s just hope Wyze is gleaning good intel from these forums and people’s opinion to realize they do have a “royal” following and must do everything within reason to build higher level of trust and satisfaction. Of course to a degree. The last thing i want is a product with infinite possibilities, but like Steve Jobs once infamously said, "It just has to work."

@elcaminoguy, I have and I will continue to mention other mfgrs when comparing capabilities And consistency. Although I really am enamoured to Wyze and their products, not so much so with software and firmware and providing what obviously a lot of people want… The mfgrs who do will succeed and grow those who ignore will eventually either fade away or be bought out.

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I finally figured out why my WOC wasn’t detecting anything. Turns out that motion detection clips save to an entirely different part of the app than I was expecting. Dumb UI design IMO. Next question is why all my clips are only 12 seconds long. The battery is lasting plenty long enough that I would think 30 seconds or more is feasible.


You will be getting this option when they get all the bugs worked out

Wow, that’s awesome! Is there going to be a price adjustment for that option or is that going to be part of the package???