Cam outdoor

Looks like your suggestions worked…

Much appreciated.

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I’m happy for your success @lovetodrive2000 ! :wink:

Detection isn’t great on mine… delayed capture… but Wifi range and battery life has been fine.

Running one camera about 70 feet away with 2 out of 3 bars. This example was deployed exactly 2 weeks ago and battery level is at 85% so quite content with weekly 7.5% battery loss.

I have to wonder if those with connectivity issues are in area with significant channel overlap from their own gear or neighbors. Isn’t base station to camera fixed on channel 11?

You are correct, chan 11 like internet of everythng.
The WOC connection isn’t strong as most WiFi. In my area WOC got swamped. Couldn’t use outdoors for that reason.

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I am one of those that has the distance issue. I get 50 feed on a good day. But the other features work fine. As far as the Wi-Fi goes, I have wyze cameras and sensors that double and triple that distance with no issues.
Also, I did not know the camera even used Wi-Fi. I thought it just communicated with the base station that is plugged into my network. And thats where it gets it’s connectivity to my network. If thats the case, I wonder why they even use the base thing? My wyze cams so just fine without the base.

The base forms another private network to the camera. It uses its own protocol to reduce battery drain.

Mine works great all the time I’m on month 3 with 73% battery life left

Wow, yours is pretty chincy on the battery. I wonder why your going to get 8 months to a year but the pervious poster is going to get 3 months??? Mine has been going 24 days with 16% battery usage???

My wyze cam no longer holds a charge and as of 10/1/20 i no longer get notifications

To get a real idea of battery usage people need to list roughly how many cloud events they are getting per charge. Listing time by itself is not very useful since battery is more affected by how often it woken up to transmit.

If my camera is waking 50 times a day vs another user whose camera only wakes 5 times a day that is a huge difference.


I get no notifications and. Battery drain

I experienced these issues when i installed the firm ware update

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This is not normal and there is likely something else wrong with your camera. I’m speaking more along the lines of why some users may be getting 1 month vs 6 months on a charge.

Im lucky to get 12 hours out of my camera since update plus no notifications im going to try to reset and not install the update

If your camera is discharging in less than a day either there is something wrong with your battery or something is causing your camera to not go into its “sleep mode”. Is the Led on the back of the camera always on? If so it is not sleeping.

Are you scheduling a long continuous recording? Timelapse? Live streaming? Using tinycam?

Led is not always on cool time is s at 5 minutes but i just uninstalled the firmware update and we are back to working like before. I’m also now getting my notifications

Perhaps the update made camera use more battery life. And not record

Are you using the beta app and beta firmware? There is supposedly a cloud issue with some cameras and it required a wyze employee register the Mac address of the camera.

Yes its all beta

I agree… knowing how many daily events is useful… I am on low end at 5-12/per day

How come there isn’t a little Beta icon hanging off your picture? :gear: :wrench:

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