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Not if You post it on Wyze Forum & Your putting Wyze down & promoting the other manufacturer. But I do believe I seen in the rules somewhere not to Mention other Manufacturer’s by Name

If their product is performing as it should and if support is actually supporting then they shouldn’t fear a competitors name or brand being mentioned

TL;DR Competition is good. Makes you better in every way.

Hey @elcaminoguy comparison incentivizes competitive and continuously improved products. Improve one self or get left behind. Don’t be complacent, ignorant or intolerant else you’ll be marginalized. You bet your bottom dollar if Wyze did anything correct, they did research, they studied competing devices with the elephant in the room being: Ring. So natural others including myself would love to hear opinions on competing products. I too have Ring along with Wyze but moreover because I have no trust nor want to have allegiance to one manuf. I have parallel systems throughout my network. Good bad is it doubles triples one’s effort in keeping the system working, but then I get what I want which is a reliable, feature rich, consistent system. Yes, down fall; a messy system.

Yes a fine balance of cost of manuf/service. Case and point is you pay same for Nissan Leaf to Tesla Model 3 but the difference is night and day. So what’s happening? More EV’s are coming out with equal to greater range and power. Tesla Model S vs Porsche Taycan. Porsche knew if they had to succeed they need to better Model S. Competition is good. Manuf needs to hear if they are not providing and don’t improve they will get marginalized. And for Wyze, it’s already happening. If you read other people’s opinion on the new Wyze Doorbell on Slickdeal. you get the gist of o opinions of people who knows what they want and expect. Those are my kind of people. Reading other person’s insightful and not hate filled opinion is the most valuable asset on the web today. Amzn would not be amzn without reviews… period.

Let’s just hope Wyze is gleaning good intel from these forums and people’s opinion to realize they do have a “royal” following and must do everything within reason to build higher level of trust and satisfaction. Of course to a degree. The last thing i want is a product with infinite possibilities, but like Steve Jobs once infamously said, "It just has to work."

@elcaminoguy, I have and I will continue to mention other mfgrs when comparing capabilities And consistency. Although I really am enamoured to Wyze and their products, not so much so with software and firmware and providing what obviously a lot of people want… The mfgrs who do will succeed and grow those who ignore will eventually either fade away or be bought out.

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I finally figured out why my WOC wasn’t detecting anything. Turns out that motion detection clips save to an entirely different part of the app than I was expecting. Dumb UI design IMO. Next question is why all my clips are only 12 seconds long. The battery is lasting plenty long enough that I would think 30 seconds or more is feasible.


You will be getting this option when they get all the bugs worked out

Wow, that’s awesome! Is there going to be a price adjustment for that option or is that going to be part of the package???

Thanks. That is the answer I was looking for, but not the answer I wanted, lol. I understand that we have to pay for anything beyond basic cloud service, but I don’t need any cloud service. Why won’t those options be available at no cost for local operation?

I think it just comes with the Cam plus, but I’m not positive so don’t quote me on that

You would probably have to ask wyze’s financial manager about that :slightly_smiling_face:

Very Very disappointed with the CAM OUTDOORS. i though by buying 32GB micro SD cards for both base and camera that I would be able to view at least some past footage but this can only record 12 sec and by the time it records the subject is already out of range.
Can this 12 secat least be extended to 40 sec or is there plans for an upgrade for it to record on the SD card.

I do not mid charging the camera every coupe of days as long as I am able to get some sort of recorded footage i can go back to…

This is basically a glorified live cam only and NOT what I expected from WYZE



I think something is wrong with your camera. Mine captures anyone or anything walking by and they are in the video from the beginning until it end. And about charging, my first charge lasted over two months. Also, you can purchase that optional “Plus” recording and that will take care of your longer than 12 second recordings.
Send it back and get a new one.

Hello, you sure you are talking about the CAM OUTDOOR? What I have read is that the CAM OUTDOOR can only record max 12 sec videos and once it captures the motion most of the time it is too late to view anything. The CAM OUTDOOR is functioning fine. he issue I have is that it does not record more than 12sec…

The 2 micro SD cards I have on the base and camera only stores the 12 sec video and nothing more.

I doubt some folks know how to manage the app. I sure as he’ll didn’t the first few months. After 6-8 queries to Wyze, I got straightened out. My outdoor will not start recording until 3-4 seconds after seeing movement. Then 12 seconds of video. 12 seconds is fine but the lag on first detection makes it pretty worthless. Someone comes to my door, leaves a package, I get his/her back. No biggie unless they’re vandals or casing the joint. I’ve given up getting any answers

As far as getting more than 12 seconds, you need to purchase the Cam Plus for that camera. I think I paid like 10 bucks for a year, but they may have jumped the rates since then. (Just checked it’s $1.25 a month if you pay for the year.)

From the Wyze website.
Unlimited full-length video recording
Wyze Cams already record 12 seconds of motion every 5 minutes for free. CAM Plus records unlimited motion whenever it’s detected so you capture the full story.

Easy fix for 15 bucks a year.

I have complete motion capture & get full videos & also My battery last for Months I have only had to charge it twice since I got it including when I received it. I’m averaging 5 months on the battery I also get all My videos some only 7 seconds but on average about 40 seconds.

Thats typical if You dont purchase Complete Motion Capture

Even V2 only has 12 seconds without it

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Thanks Cooperavery…exactly my point. Makes the OUTDOOR CAM useless for me too…unless they have an update that eliminates the 3-4sec lag then maybe it is worth something.

I do not believe CAM OUTDOORS works with Cam Plus. Do you have the CAM OUTDOORS?