Cam outdoor

I’m sorry to say it, but it sounds like your cam has a problem. I would strongly recommend contacting support.

Wyze support phone number: 1 (844) 999-3226

How about a cowboy hat, bandanna -and- a good hunting dog? :dog2:

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Well based on the outdoor cam, that dog would have one blind eye, A leaky bladder and three legs!

Maybe not. But on surface that almost made me waver!

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I just got my outdoor cam and after setting up, we noticed that when having the speak on to talk to person setting it up, it squawks really badly. Is there a fix for this problem? It’s like a high pitch squelch sound. Please help!!!

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No, that’s a feature I’m afraid…

The WOC i had never spoke to me, qr code scan etc. Tried the mike and the WCO sounded like an angry bird. I just assumed it was how id didn’t work.

It is to make any intruder believe they will shortly be under attack by Angry Birds.

When I was setting mine up either the speaker or the base started talking to me. I did not understand a word it said. It sounded like a one dollar transistor radio from the 60’s. But I don’t need it for that so not a big deal for me.

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All wyze cameras have poor speakers

Ya forgot to tell 'em the angry birds are a subscription item

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Well, week 5… still at 69% battery life… getting about three or four motion detections alerts a day… Person detection is rock solid… Getting notifications in less than 30 seconds, usually…

I just have it pointed at a small bird bath out on the deck so it’s not real busy, but I’m impressed so far…


Are you sure that isn’t an angry bird BBQ? Looks awfully hot! :hot_face:

Correct You can buy a Diode for cars that only allows power to flow one way so when not charging it cant flow backwards

8 weeks for Me no problems & 77% battery left Not 1 problem I did change the color of the Hat to Brown though

Just viewing this conversation I gather you are trying to keep a energy storage device from losing it’s charge once charging is complete… Sorta like taking one cable off your battery to prevent it draining right??


Is that like taking the cable off the television set to keep my mind from draining. . .

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Actually it should have a disconnect circuit built in that is triggered by a 100% charged state…

Ya right like tom thumb and the dike right? :wink::grinning:

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Not quite power is only allowed to travel one way so if in this case at night the power can not flow back toward the solar panel. so it dont turn it off when charged just wont allow power to travel backwards.