Cam Outdoor, no way to save 12-second events?

It looks like there is no way to save a local recording of an event. I had assumed it would be saved to the micro SD card but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
Not being able to keep a record of an event seems to be a significant drawback. I understand why there’s no continuous recording but if I had known I wouldn’t have a record of 12-second events I never would have purchased the camera.

You can back - up events to the base station SD card to save locally and longer.

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Solved well enough for my purposes but it has nothing to do with the base station or the camera:

If found I can save events to my phone or via email by clicking the icons that appear briefly when the event is being played in portrait mode (they don’t show up in landscape.)

I still cannot find any way to backup to the base station, unless it’s being done automatically and I have to retrieve the sd card to view them. Am I missing something obvious?

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Events will automatically back up to the base station if you set it up. To view the files on the base station SD, it must be taken out of the base and viewed on a computer.