Cam in attic



Hello. I know this is not designed for outdoor usage, but I’m planning to set this up in my attic. Could be very hot in summer and really cold in winter. Will this be able to handle the heat/cold?

Every morning I wake up to a noise in my attic, kindda like scratching/tapping noise. Tried to get up there but saw nothing, I’m guessing some kind of animals living up there ?


I don’t know about the heat, but people have been reporting running them in very cold temps this winter. So you should be fine to put it up there now at least long enough to identify the critter. Post a video of your friend when you catch him!


Electronics don’t like heat. Unless something is made for high temperatures, it will drastically shorten its lifespan. It can easily get 20 or 30 degrees hotter than outside air temperature.