Cam 2 Monthly Subscription

Two questions.
After logging into my account I go to the two cameras that I pay by month. I am unable to delete those two payments - to remove those cameras from per month.

I do have setup a new cam v 3. I only want out of six cameras this ‘back yard v 3’ camera listed as a yearly payment, one year subscription. If I attempt to ‘add’ this camera Wyze allows to add the camera however I am unable to add just that one particular camera ‘back yard’.

How do I remove all currently billing instances; how do I add one uniquely named camera as a pay yearly?

Also where to I go to view the playback of the snippets stored on Wyze?
Thanks !

From Wyze:
To use your subscribed service on your Wyze devices, open the Wyze app, go to the Account tab, tap “Services,” tap the service(e.g. Cam Plus), then assign your newly purchased license(s) to the device of your choice.
On my App all the features are listed except ‘Account Tab. and Services’
That is the difficulty…

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“Account” is in the lower right corner of the app homepage, click that then services is on the next page that pops up. See it?

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The account is listed on Home page.
Thank you for this essential information!!!