Calories? What are they, really? And what about these watch faces?

Received the Wyze Watch 47 on Friday, 03-26-21. Had watched some YouTube unboxing to see what to expect. Unboxed the thing, fired it up. Paired with my Android phone. Ran through the screens and features. Have experienced it for 2+ days. The Calorie numbers the watch displays seems very low. It is now 11AM, the watch display says I’ve burned 19?!?!? I burn 1400+ calories a day. 48 calories/hour when I sleep. Item two: Watch faces. Outside of the picture option; they are all TERRIBLE! When will we get more useful and not Mod-Art watch face options?

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While your height and weight will vary the calories per step, most people burn about.04 calories per step.
-or- A typical 160-pound person of average height will burn about 40 calories per 1,000 steps. It won’t show the calories used for pushups, which might be 7 calories per minute.

Agree on the watch faces. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Totally agree, those watch faces are awful. Looks like total amateur hour kinda stuff.

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Echoing the same about the faces. Unfortunately it seems the main designer turned left in the 80s. :slightly_smiling_face:

I may be odd, but I like clear and plain. Maybe take the Electron face, make the font Noto Sans and get rid of the double colors?

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Calorie Count: Went for a walk around the park, 1.65 miles, 258 calories;that seems reasonable. Wyze needs to explain how we can best use Calorie Count. It’s not total, is it incremental? Incremental what? Does it measure an activity above being relatively idle. e.g. driving, watching TV, listening to music, etc. Being active? Walking, running, exercise, what level. Can not use the Calorie count, until Wyze advises what it is measuring. Wyze, please explain.

GreatSumJester, good illustration! An improvement over native Wyze faces.

The data being held in the watch, should be available on display. With a history on the app . . .


Data held in the watch is transferred to the App when they are synchronized. Yes, there is a history in the app by week and month.
Believe the watch records swinging of the wrist as steps, nothing else. Sitting in my chair and bending my elbow shows more calories then pushups. If you carry a tool bag with the watch arm, no calorie. . .

Then the calorie reading has no defined value? That’s why I’m asking Wyze to chime-in here . . .


Your watch face is much better than anything provided. Though, I’d still honestly want to see much better options across the board.


Yes, and some of us need seconds. Maybe even the option of adding a sweep second hand to various watch faces. This could be done as an overlay on a digital face or a small analog hand in a small box like on many analog watches.