Calibrating Wyze scale

Hello. I had an issue and received a replacement that is even more inaccurate than the original. I have tried calibrating, I’ve ensured the scale and my feet are clean and dry, I’ve taken batteries out and replaced. It’s still off. Now what?

If you have followed the setup instructions. Clean dry feet, clean dry scale, and the scale is placed on a level firm surface, no carpeting or such. And followed the calibration instructions. And your still getting bad weights then your only real recourse is replace it via support again.

If it’s anything other than weight that’s inaccurate there are too many variables. Skin conductivity, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, the metrics about age sex height and weight you entered can all affect the other than weight measurements.

Hi, how do I go about getting a replacement setup? My scale is showing +29-33 lbs when nothing is on it.