Calibrating Wyze scale

How can I calibrate my Wyze scale? Instructions say to step off and it will revert to “0.0” - but when I step off, it just goes blank.

Thanks for any help -


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What worked for me was I stepped on the scale and as soon as the screen turned on I stepped off and the number zeroed out. Before the calibration it was 4 lbs different than my old scale after it was the same as my old scale.

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Thanks; this time, it worked for me; previously, it just went blank when I stepped off - but maybe that’s because I waited too long to step off. FWIW, even without my calibrating it, my Wyze scale was within 0.1 lb. of my other scale.

I’m having the same issue My WYZE scale is showing a 5lb difference from my other 2 scales

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I have the same problem my wye scale is 2 pounds off with my previous sale and I checked another scale it is around 2 pounds off as well

Checked it against another scale and they disagreed, I “calibrated” the Wyze at zero, they still disagreed.

Checked against a certified Ohaus scale. The Wyze diverges and reads about two pounds heavy at 150 lb. How do we fix this? Calibrating at zero doesn’t work if the load cell scaling is wrong.


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I actually had a related question. My old scale too has a different result. I place 15 and 20 pound weights on both scales, On my old one, I got the exact 15.0 and 20.0. On Wyze, I got 15.1 and 20.2

I believe the scale is drifting as more weight is added.

Is there some way to calibrate it over multiple weights?

I’m off by 4lbs too. Is there a response regarding proper calibration?

Also the heartrate monitor is nearly 50bpm faster than that of my watch. So wont be utilizing that any longer, maybe a firmware update will fix that.

I add not payed attention before but I confirm I see the same problem of ~30bpm difference between the scale and my Apple Watch, while on the scale.

Why move this to early access? Hasn’t the scale been released?

Not yet but soon.

my scale is about 8 lb lighter compared to my 2 other scales at home. Tried recalibrating the scale but weight inaccuracy remains.

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I’m also having the same issue. I am noticing a 5lb deviation. I calibrated a spring scale to compare. However, when I picked up a 15lb kettlebell, the weight did increase correctly by 15 lbs. It’s still showing me as 5lbs heavier than I normally am.

I received my replacement unit and it is accurate. Happy.

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How did you get a replacement? I’ve been trying to create a case with them.

i called customer service then explained the defect. customer rep created a ticket and sent the replacement out the next day.

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Hi All, you can step on to the scale and then immediately step off. The scale will automatically re-calibrate and show 0.0 lbs. Weight sensor is a measuring component, the tolerance is 0.5%. If you see more than that, the scale need factory recalibration, we will provide a replacement.

Wyze Scale is a precision measurement equipment. The load cells and sensors are precise components, which could be damaged during transportation, bumps or any improper maintenance. Even Wyze has a very strict quality control process, it is inevitable to deliver a few defective products. Wyze will always honor free replacement and shipping. Thanks!


Do we need to calibrate the scale each time we use it, and if not then how do we know it needs to be calibrated? It could be off by a few pounds and I’d never know that it needed to be calibrated.