Business updates from Wyze's cofounders: Wyze Cam v3 is available again for Cam Plus subscribers. 1/28/21

Key emphasis on the last concept:

Sure would be cool to have Wyze listed publicly and get a more realistic valuation based on the market decision averages.

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Interesting you don’t know me or anything about my concerns yet you are so quick to bash me. Hint: This a place to come for many things Including to look for help because Wyze support is not working as expected. I have gotten in on many pre- orders. Including the one that I am seeking help with now. In case your curious, the Wyze order system is also having a problem that is not related to unavailable product. Thankfully I have spoken with Wyze senior tech support who understands the situation and has treated me with respect. He is working to correct the things that are not working as they should. If you want/need to be unhelpful and rude you are in the wrong place. Consider sticking to what you actually know instead of what you think you know.

I just bought more V3’s and have all bought all sorts of early release products, so I’m far from anti Wyze. However, nowhere did I see that this community forum is limited to tips and tricks. Others can post whatever Wyze related comments they like that is important to them and it’s not for me, you, or anyone else to say otherwise. With of course the exception of rules violations of course. If I don’t like it, I just skip over posts with content that doesn’t interest me just like changing or skipping TV channels without complaining about what programming is on that channel.

Also, many product complaints on here are not pre-release anymore and some are or were available on Amazon for purchase instead of directly from Wyze.

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Plus some of the complaints are valid. To call everyone coming here with a complaint a whiner, is irresponsible. This is a user forum after all.


Thanks. This makes for the kind of forum I enjoy!

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Also, I wanted to add… I’m not sure where some folks get the idea that an early access product should be expected to have problems or that they aren’t public released products. Early release aren’t Beta products and are available for anyone in the public to buy, just on a first come first serve basis. They are simply pre-orders of finished products. Those of us that have purchased early access products are not some exclusive group, we’re just public customers preordering. You don’t even have to have ever visited this community forum to purchase early access products. Just visit the Wyze website or read the news letter.

Now, Beta firmware and apps, sure. Those are betta, advertised as such and are expected to be buggy, that’s the point of them, to look for and work out bugs. But Early access products are supposed to be finished public released products, just a limited quantity available for preorder. The only type of problems that might be sort of expected with early access is shipping delays, within reason.

My complaints are about how the product is not working as advertised. If that’s whining so be it. I’ll take it straight to any manufacturer that sold me faulty products. I don’t work for Wyze so I’m not going to talk 'em up to other people or feel pride in what they do. If they promise me something for $20 that’s what I expect. It’s twenty-five bucks after taxes!! (That’s lunch for three or four days.) If they want to sell a service that’s fine… just don’t beat up the rest of us if we don’t want that service. Wyze’s tactic is making my neighbor’s conventional DVR camera system look like something I can live with… even with that [argh] late 2000s phone interface.

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We have wyze cameras at 12 sites and also we provide cameras at a low cost to our customers,we manage over 48 cameras and for the cost of equipment is very cheap and we only had 4 cameras that went bad.I spoke to our technicians and all 4 of them said the cameras are great for what they cost and no issues at all,in December we started to replace all the old V2 with V3 then we donated the V2 to the church…then the funny thing i notice in this blog was that he could eat lunch for 3-4 days for $20.00 it cost me more than $20.00 a day for lunch…ok God bless all im heading home now thank’s Julie service manager.

Episode 309: Why your IoT device shipments are delayed

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" Our guest this week is Chris Carney, the co-founder and CEO of Abode. Carney explains why companies are experiencing so many delays in shipping products and why many of your favorite devices might be out of stock. The chip shortage plays a role, but so do delays at ports and challenges faced by last-mile delivery networks like the US Postal Service, FedEx and UPS. He explains how his company is trying to adapt, and when we can expect to see these shortages ease up. He also offers some advice to other companies affected by similar challenges. Enjoy the show while waiting for your latest gadget to arrive."