Bundle Pricing for CamPlus (time, number of cameras, etc)

I wish there was one affordable annual fee for unlimited cameras (as some competitors have) that would allow me to just add the device as I go.


I would definitely like a bundle annual pricing.
I have two cameras currently and want to add more, but 15 or so dollars each camera a year just doesnt make financial sense.


I would like to propose a bulk discount program for Cam Plus. I upgraded 12 v2 cameras to v3 and lost the great Person Detection feature. 12 v3 cameras at $180/year, seems too expensive. Also, I don’t want a teaser rate, e.g. first 3 months free.


This tread started in Nov 2019 to request for bundle pricing for CamPlus since many of us are using multiple cameras. The legacy Person Detection doesn’t work for V3 cams.

It’s over a year now. Will Wyze do a bundle/bulk pricing? I have 21 cams and paying per cam for CamPlus is not worth the high price.

Yep - I started this thread in '19. They promised Person Detection would be free- now they wont even offer a reasonable plan. They seem to be focused on new gadgets instead of what got them where they are. Pretty sad actually.