Bundle Pricing for CamPlus (time, number of cameras, etc)

For cam plus? I sure hope so, it does add up when you have 3 or more cameras

Pay for an 1 Wyze Cam Subscription can become a very expensive for some people, depending on the amount of cameras we have in our house; so I think a subscription for all the Wyze Cams we have in our house should be a must.

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They can’t even detect motion or a person in many cases, so their software skills are clearly limited. Quite frankly the motion detection issue should be enough t9 make you not want multiple cameras but if you do Have them then a reduced price service plan is understandable, but that would mean that they were able to ensure the camera were all ian the same home, perhaps interrogating the iPad address if your device or your router is address. Not and easy task if they can’t even figure out how to detect motion. Without being able to determine if all the cameras are on the same network would mean Potential abuse of a discount and that would make this company with razor thin margins definitely loose money.

I have personally purchased for my own use ~ 4 Pan Cams, 3 cam V2s and 2 OD cams. I’ve also purchased other Wyze devices and another 6 cameras for family members. I want to suggest to WYZE Corporate to consider changing their Cam Plus pricing strategy to make it less costly for multiple camera owners. Now that I have to pay a monthly fee per camera to realize the full features for each. I may not purchase more cameras. However, it would be a positive for customers, and for Wyze if they capped the monthly cost to a reasonable “max” number of cameras purchased, and provided coverage for all future cameras owned after the max. Wyze would also benefit from instituting a “max” number of cameras charged because more cameras may be purchased once the max monthly cost for cam plus was exceeded. Wyze makes a great camera at a good price, and charging a small monthly fee for Cam Plus is ok… as long as there is a max monthly cost, irregardless of how many cameras are owned.

I don’t mind paying for services but i have 11 cameras. I wan CamPlus on almost all of them. I don’t think I should have to pay full price for all 11. Why not offer a discount over 4 or 5 cameras and slide it the more cameras you cover.

Just want to give a suggestion. As I debate which cameras I pick my own price for person detection and which I opt for CamPlus, I am hoping in the future that you have a multiple camera subscription price. I have 7 cameras between 2 locations. (Outdoors, not available for CamPlus yet.) Thanks for accepting my input.

Would like to have a max subscription price for Cam Plus. Once all said and done by the beginning of the year I will have anywhere from 9-12 devices that I would need Cam Plus for and even with the current pricing the yearly cost is getting pretty high. Most other company’s have a max pricing for over so many devices. This is currently limiting the amount of devices I want to add in the future. I would like to request that this be added in the near future as I am sure more exceptional devices are in development.