Bundle Pricing for CamPlus (time, number of cameras, etc)

It would be great if Wyze could made some bundle options or at least offer a discounted rate if you pay for the whole year.

I started the CMC free trial period last weekend and would like to switch which camera I am trying it on, but don’t find an online option for doing so. Is this possible?

@OttoMation Welcome to the community! Yes, you should be able to switch cameras.

Login to your CMC account and click on EDIT CAMERAS.

From the Wyze App
Go to Wyze app > Account tab > Wyze Services > Complete Motion Capture > Change Camera

Is my “CMC account” the same thing as my Wyze account?

Yes, login with your Wyze account password.

Is there any talk about bundle pricing or an annual plan for CMC?

This topic is still labeled “maybe-later” hopefully this topic will go to “researching” in the future. Keep an eye on it. :wink:

I must be too stupid to find the CMC page where I can “edit” my CMC trial configuration to switch cams.
I am logging into Wyze.com with my account ID & password, then can’t find any page in there where such a thing exists.

Any helpful instructions to get me there?


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No, you’re not stupid. The CMC website is misleading I couldn’t edit my camera from there either.

Mine doesn’t show that option on that page. My only choice there is “Add Service”

You can change the camera using the Wyze app. See the steps above.

I get it now! DOH!
I was on the web site, not in the app.

Thank you

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No problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would like to pay for a full year of CMC at one point. No discount necessary. I would rather avoid the monthly payments and the need to file 12 invoices rather than one.

Lots of great points here. I enrolled today and was hoping for ability to pay annually.

Hi Wyze! Is this something you might consider in the future? I think it would be a good idea to let you pay annually for CMC and let you bundle multiple cameras on CMC and save money.

I toally agree. Being charged $1.50 or $3.00 every month is so distasteful to me that it is making me consider using Blink cameras instead (and that says alot becuase i know how evil Amazon, owner of Blink and Ring, have been about reselling their customer doorbell camera videos).

I would like to see an added level of subscription to the Cam Plus, like a Cam Plus Premium.
It would have 60 days recording storage and have unlimited cameras (or like 10) for like $100 a year.

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Motion detection on these cameras is pretty poor. Even a light turning on is detected as motion. Therefore, I have had to use person detection (PD) from the beginning. Now this will be for a fee. (Quite disappointing)… I would like to see an unlimited option for the service. No matter the number of cameras you have and use the PD on - pay one bill for an annual subscription for unlimited cameras (within reason)…