Bulk set vacation mode and shortcut

It would be helpful to set multiple and/or all products to vacation mode with a single tap and then disable vacation mode with one tap. A quick action on my phone’s home screen would be ideal. To enable vacation mode it’s currently 2-3 taps per product. It would be a huge time saving and peace of mind to reliably know that the desired devices are enabled. There’s also no indicator on the main screen that shows which items are currently in vacation mode. I’ve forgotten to turn off vacation mode for a couple products until it turns on in the middle of a movie. A geofense option for a notification asking to disable vacation mode or a geofense to automatically disable it would be great.

Which products have vacation mode?

I think just the bulbs currently

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…and Wyze Plugs.

I agree, I like the idea of a visual icon or indicator that a bulb (or plug) is in vacation mode.

The vacation mode action is listed on this wishlist (I also wish scheduled rules would allow more than one action):

Geofence trigger is here: