Bulk Bulb Setup

Hi all

Having a hell of a time setting up my bulbs. I an converting my entire living room and kitchen area to these new bulbs. The issue that I am having is that I have multiple bulbs on 5 different switches. When I am trying to set up multiple bulbs on the same switch, the previously set up bulbs go into pairing mode and eventually become unresponsive. I have tried setting these multiple times and I’ve just about had it with them!

Lay out of lights:
Kitchen switch 1 - 4 bulbs
Kitchen switch 2 - 5 bulbs
Living room switch 1 - 3 bulbs
Living room switch 2 - 4 bulbs
Living room switch 3 - 1 bulb

Any advice to do a bulk set up?

Set them up individually in a single-outlet lamp near the router, then transfer them to where you will use them.


Thanks for the response!

I’ve tried that but when I move them from the single outlet lamp they go offline and won’t respond (but do come on).

Are they in enclosed metal fixtures, on a dimmer switch, or a long way from the router?

I was able to setup multiple bulbs at a time. The most I have done at once was three but it should work for more. I installed all of them first and then put them into pairing mode. I would connect to the first one and the others would look like they stopped pairing. I found the un-configured bulbs still projecting their wifi signal so I just went back into the app connected to the next bulb and so on.

Hi. The lamp I am using to pair is about 12’ from the router and not in a metal enclosure.

The majority of these will be in recessed metal enclosures that do not have a cover. All have a direct line of sight to the router. Maximum distance is 23’ from the furthest can light to the router. Again with direct line or sight.

I installed regular rocker style switches as I also wondered if the dimmer switch was causing an issue. All lights i am testing are not on dimmer switches.

I will give this a try!

Hi everyone. My solution to this (after trying everything I came across on the internet) was to make sure power was on to the fixture, install a bulb and go through the setup process (without putting them into sync mode ie turning them off and on). This worked for all 20 bulbs. It failed for two of them but after I started the process again they worked fine.

This is not recommended as the setup process tells you to make sure power is off prior to installing the bulb but this simply did not work with my set up. I am just explaining what I did to get them to work. Now my entire kitchen, living room and foyer are on smart bulbs. No issues so far but it’s only been about 8 hrs with most of that time spent sleeping :rofl:

One thing to note: even if your dimmer is all the way up, some dimmers cut power back even at what seems 100%. This is true for cheaper dimmer switches. I proved this out by installing a fairly expensive dimmer which got rid of the flickering issue i had with my original dimmer. I ended up installing a normal switch with no dimmer since they are much cheaper than the $26 dimmer switch I used to experiment with.

That’s interesting , never heard of anyone doing it that way

You can get some really funky waveforms out of a dimmer switch, so best not even to have one in circuit, especially on a non-dimmable bulb like the Wyze (the Wyze is dimmable in software, just not via a dimmer switch). Glad to hear you removed the temptation to dim by replacing it with a regular switch.

Here is a sample of the dimmer switch waveforms you can get (some even when set at 100%!):

Thanks for sharing!

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