Bulbs should remember their last state after power outage

The Plug already does remember it’s power state after a power outage. If yours does not, you should submit a Support Request.

I confirm, Wyze Smart Plug holds its last energized state, of being “On” or “Off”, after an external electric power grid disruption event.

I prefer that plug checks the schedule to see whether it should be ON or OFF. Absent a schedule, it should have a user-selectable default.

Same with bulbs.

The problem is, the system doesn’t “know” if the device has a schedule. It could be turned on/off by a variety of triggers. A user-selectable default might work though.

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How sure are you about this?

I seem to remember a post (from Wyze?) that says the schedule is embedded in the device.

It should be easy to test, turn off the WiFi just before a schedule plug ON/OFF event and see what it does.

At any rate, I have a noname plug that works for months on end when its app says it’s disconnected.

So, I just did a test: I set a schedule for the plug to turn off 5 minutes from now. With the plug ON, 2 minutes later, I de-powered the plug simulating a power outage. Then 10 minutes later (well after the time set in the schedule), I re-powered the plug. After the plug restarted, it was again ON. If it had known it’s schedule, it would have been off. So I believe what I said above is correct.


Hi there! In our latest update- V2.8 App and V1.2.0.183 bulb firmware, we launched Power Loss Recovery feature that solves exactly this problem. It can be found in Bulb Settings. Let me know if you have any feedback. Enjoy!

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And sorry I was heads down working on the feature and didn’t update the thread timely!

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There was an official announcement about this new bulb feature.

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That would probably require hardware. Maybe under wishlist for the color changing bulbs

Philips Bulbs have this feature: https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/how-to-revive-your-smart-light-settings-after-a-power-outage

They do.


THANKS! I never see it before!

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The last bulb firmware update added this feature.


Does it work though? I had a power loss last night… My bulb turned on with a bright white cool light when the power restored 12 hrs later even though it was previously off when the power went out. I’m pretty sure I had it set to maintain previous state. It’s also never set to this cool white setting usually. It says it’s offline now though.

Very odd… I have the latest fw v1.2.0.183. I had to add the bulb again to get it to work. Even if it was set to turn on after power recovery, then it still should have shown the bulb online and not offline. I’ll see what happens with the next power outage.

Shouldn’t be too hard to test? For what it’s worth I only recently installed bulbs (great deal on a starter kit at Amazon) and noticed the feature by accident… but why the heck isn’t it turned on by default?

I have the latest software installed also and when the power goes out it and comes back on, the bulbs all come on. Since it takes a few minutes for the router to boot back up I can’t turn the lights off with the app. This is extremely annoying at 3am.

In this situation would it be better for you to choose “return to previous state”? Then maybe it’ll be off when it’s powered back on, if it was off previous to loosing power?

I already set that and it doesn’t work for some reason when the whole house power goes out, but it does work if you unplug the lamp. I think it has something to do with the internet connection.

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Did you have to re-add your bulb for it to work again? Mine said it was offline so i re-added it. Mine came on at 430 when the power came back.
@Omgitstony I’m pretty sure I had it set to maintain previous state as well but it still turned on the brightest and coolest white setting. I don’t know if it’s because the power flickered on here and there but the bulb was off before the power outage.

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