Bulbs should remember their last state after power outage

The Plug already does remember it’s power state after a power outage. If yours does not, you should submit a Support Request.

I confirm, Wyze Smart Plug holds its last energized state, of being “On” or “Off”, after an external electric power grid disruption event.

I prefer that plug checks the schedule to see whether it should be ON or OFF. Absent a schedule, it should have a user-selectable default.

Same with bulbs.

The problem is, the system doesn’t “know” if the device has a schedule. It could be turned on/off by a variety of triggers. A user-selectable default might work though.

How sure are you about this?

I seem to remember a post (from Wyze?) that says the schedule is embedded in the device.

It should be easy to test, turn off the WiFi just before a schedule plug ON/OFF event and see what it does.

At any rate, I have a noname plug that works for months on end when its app says it’s disconnected.

So, I just did a test: I set a schedule for the plug to turn off 5 minutes from now. With the plug ON, 2 minutes later, I de-powered the plug simulating a power outage. Then 10 minutes later (well after the time set in the schedule), I re-powered the plug. After the plug restarted, it was again ON. If it had known it’s schedule, it would have been off. So I believe what I said above is correct.