Bulbs should remember their last state after power outage

Isn’t that what “normal” bulbs are for?

I think that this option wouldn’t have to change the setup process. It could be implemented in the software after the bulb is connected and functioning.

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It is.

oh yea, I forgot.

To use with a switch? Yes. Personally, I only use smart bulbs in lamps for that reason. If I want smart lighting in my built-in fixtures, I’d rather do it with smart switches so that everything remains usable. But plenty of people aren’t me. Maybe they only want it so that they can use the dimmer functionality or color temperature functionality.

I don’t use them in any fixtures connected to switches, because it seems like that will make it annoying, not to be able to use the switches. But I’m not everybody, and I’m sure plenty of people use the bulbs in ceiling fixtures that can still be controlled by switches, for example.


I agree. That’s what I was saying earlier, that the default functionality probably needs to remain as-is for purposes of the setup process, and so that it “just works” for people who use it in conjunction with switches. But it would be nice to make it possible for users to opt into “remember previous state” functionality after setup.

I agree, WiFi enabled bulbs’ primarily belong in desk lamp, stand-up floor lamp and floor up-lighting fixtures.

When reviewing Philips Hue’s launch marketing materials if reflects the light source designer targeted use case.

When consumer deviate from these intended lamp sockets, they have poor user experiences and then ask strange help questions. So strange, that people who grew-up with no digital devices will think they are odd even asking that basic question.

My hope would be that Wyze engineers did just that. That is use the experience obtained from the many manufacturers and users that came before them. What I hoped to do with my original post was (with a little injected humor) suggest a possible addition to the options for the device that might make the bulbs more usable in even more applications than the original inventors intended. The whole of the Wyze universe is inexpensive to implement and in my experience well supported. The fact that they let users come in here and argue with each other about how things work is testament to their desire to want to do something different and (I’m hopefully guessing here) do much better than the competition.

So by all means lets use these devices wherever there is a light socket. A thing that (referring to earlier posts) I have never seen sans some sort of switching apparatus.

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Would love to have the feature of turning the pairing of the lightbulb off in the app. I have kids, they love to leave lights on. So we installed the bulbs in their rooms and bathroom. Only problem is they are kids and play with the lights. One kid wants it on other doesnt so it gets flipped aloft and then goes into pairing mode. If there was a feature to turn it off that would be greatly helpful.

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Hello @myersmike87 and welcome to the community

I see one problem with the theory of turning off pairing in the app.
So if you turn off pairing in the app, signal gets sent to bulb to ignore pairing sequence. Say the bulb then drops offline one day and you have to perform pairing, you have told bulb to ignore pairing and you cant change that because it is no longer paired. You now essentially have a dead bulb.

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I’m not a very intelligent person…theres other people out there for that lol…it was just an idea for a genius to figure it out a different way or method. It was just a stepping stone to build off of. Maybe have to do the sequence 10 times once paired initially? Or maybe put a small switch on bulb itself to turn pairing mode off and on? (better idea than my sequence method)

I wasn’t inferring lack of intelligence or anything, so hopefully you didn’t take it that way. Bouncing ideas around is how you arrive at something that will work. Like you said it’s a stone to build off of.

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I didnt mean for it to sound like you were saying that. I was just pointing out that there are some pretty smart people behind wyze, more than me and I know other people could come up with a better idea.


This issue of unintentional activating a control lighting function happens often in commercial uses.

Just something to consider given you have young children in your home - a smart dimmable wall light switch instead of smart bulbs in that room may prevent some unwanted behavior. Some mainstream lighting control companies have physical activation switches built in to the face of the lighting wall switch for pairing and other settings as part of their best practice solutions for commercial and residential applications.

Other smart bulbs have a “Power Loss Recovery,” which switches the bulb to the last-used state it was in before it lost power. That will prevent the bulbs from blinding you at 3 a.m. when your energy company fixes the power problem. If you can’t implement this with your bulbs I will have to switch to a different smart bulb. I like Wyze and want to support your company, please support your customers with issues.


I’m new to Wyze bulbs, I’m having these issues of most of my bulbs unpairing seemingly randomly.

Can you explain the troubleshooting you mentioned?


The first time I was setting things up, I made sure everything was on the latest firmware, I disabled the 5GHz band on my router while I was setting up, (Although I’m not sure if that’s totally necessary) and I power cycled them to pair again. In some cases, it took 2-3 attempts, but I did get them working eventually

Since making that post, I did have a bulb become randomly unpaired once. It happened after a router reboot. Not sure why. It was only one bulb, out of 5 total that I have. I gave it a few hours and also tried cutting power from the bulb then repowering it and waiting a while to see if it would find the router again, but it didn’t.

After I decided it wasn’t going to reconnect on its own, I just set it up again with the 3x power cycle and it has worked properly since then. I didn’t end up needing to disable the 5GHz band in that instance.

Hi, my WiFi just went out and all my lights defaulted to on, they were all off. Reading the faq this is how they are designed, which I do not like. I would prefer the bulbs stay off, then just need a power cycle to work as a normal light switch. With bulbs in my lamp on bedside table, this could easily wake me up in the middle of the night.

The bulb simply going back to its last ON/OFF state isn’t enough. Here’s an example.

Say the schedule asks for it to turn on between 6pm and 2am. There’s a power outage at 1:45am. Power comes back at 2:30am. You like the bulb to be off at that time, not on, if it were to use the last bulb state.

When power is restored, it should check if there’s an associated schedule, and if so, it should work out what the current power state should be, based on the current time vs the saved schedule.

Another configuration option for WyzePlug & WyzeBulb. Ability to change the power up/boot default selection (on or off).
Usecase: Would be very helpful when you lose commercial power in the middle of the night and not be woken up to a fully lite house when power is restored.
Usecase: Using a WyzePlug to run an alarm siren. I don’t want it to default to “ON” when power is restored.