Bulbs should remember their last state after power outage

Isn’t that what “normal” bulbs are for?

I think that this option wouldn’t have to change the setup process. It could be implemented in the software after the bulb is connected and functioning.

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It is.

oh yea, I forgot.

To use with a switch? Yes. Personally, I only use smart bulbs in lamps for that reason. If I want smart lighting in my built-in fixtures, I’d rather do it with smart switches so that everything remains usable. But plenty of people aren’t me. Maybe they only want it so that they can use the dimmer functionality or color temperature functionality.

I don’t use them in any fixtures connected to switches, because it seems like that will make it annoying, not to be able to use the switches. But I’m not everybody, and I’m sure plenty of people use the bulbs in ceiling fixtures that can still be controlled by switches, for example.

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I agree. That’s what I was saying earlier, that the default functionality probably needs to remain as-is for purposes of the setup process, and so that it “just works” for people who use it in conjunction with switches. But it would be nice to make it possible for users to opt into “remember previous state” functionality after setup.

I agree, WiFi enabled bulbs’ primarily belong in desk lamp, stand-up floor lamp and floor up-lighting fixtures.

When reviewing Philips Hue’s launch marketing materials if reflects the light source designer targeted use case.

When consumer deviate from these intended lamp sockets, they have poor user experiences and then ask strange help questions. So strange, that people who grew-up with no digital devices will think they are odd even asking that basic question.

My hope would be that Wyze engineers did just that. That is use the experience obtained from the many manufacturers and users that came before them. What I hoped to do with my original post was (with a little injected humor) suggest a possible addition to the options for the device that might make the bulbs more usable in even more applications than the original inventors intended. The whole of the Wyze universe is inexpensive to implement and in my experience well supported. The fact that they let users come in here and argue with each other about how things work is testament to their desire to want to do something different and (I’m hopefully guessing here) do much better than the competition.

So by all means lets use these devices wherever there is a light socket. A thing that (referring to earlier posts) I have never seen sans some sort of switching apparatus.

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