Bulbs should remember their last state after power outage

Amazing that you know a lot of things just because it’s flashing? It could be a hundred other things.

No. Flashing means ONE thing – pairing mode.

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It definitely isn’t pairing at that point in time. Also, it doesn’t always flash after a power outage. sometimes it just turns on. Still offline, how do you know it is pairing then?

It’s not PAIRING yet. You’d have to go to the app in order to pair it. I said it’s in pairing MODE. That means it’s waiting for YOU to pair it again.

If you turn the light off and on again, it will EXIT pairing mode and function as a normal dumb bulb until you power cycle three times again, at which point it will return to pairing mode. But once you’ve hit pairing mode, it’s not going to connect to the internet until you pair it again. Period.

I could do the same thing to my working bulbs now if I wanted to turn the power on and off three times, but that would be a giant pain, so I won’t.

Imagine this: Power outage, power returns, light turns on (no flashing, yes it happens). It is still OFFLINE. It is still unpaired.

Sure. In that scenario, maybe the power was cycled 4 times, for example. Regardless, you’d have to go through the pairing process again.

Bottom line is, you’re always assuming a very competent use who knows everything about the Wyze product. It’s not the real world.

I’m not assuming anything about the user, I’m just telling you how it functions. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s not like the fact that it gets unpaired is a “feature” or something. It’s something most people shouldn’t have to deal with, but that you may have to troubleshoot. But in general, if someone has set up the bulb once, they probably remember how they did it and the most obvious way to get it working will be to set it up again.

Like I said, you assume the user is very knowledgeable and has done these things before. Very unrealistic expectations. I hope Wyze doesn’t take that view. Or maybe they do, and that’s too bad.

No, I don’t assume that. I KNOW that.

If someone has a working Wyze Bulb in the house, they or someone they know has gone through the setup process at least once.

These forums are a testament that the users are NOT what you think they are.

How do YOU propose they should function when they have been manually reset? Should they have a built-in speaker that guides you through the whole process? How much extra are you willing to pay for that feature?

Don’t put words in my mouth. Review all my previous posts and you’ll realize I only want 3 things:

One, If the status is unpaired, then remove it from the app’s list of devices, that way, I know that it’s unpaired. Why list it there where it won’t do any good and further confuse the user?

Two, don’t default to a flashing mode. It’s an invitation for thieves.

There, make it consistent. Sometimes it flashes, sometimes it doesn’t. Don’t claim that the power cycled 3 times without me knowing. I SET UP a very controlled test where if the power was unstable, I would have known. Hint - I was on a UPS

Literally impossible, if it becomes unpaired separate from the app. Once unpaired, the bulb has no way to connect with the internet in order to communicate the fact that it has been unpaired. You’re asking for something that literally isn’t possible here. How do you propose the bulb communicates the fact that it’s been unpaired without any way to communicate with anything?

It doesn’t default to that when power is restored, only when it has been cycled three times and is actively in pairing mode. (Not just unpaired.) It’s certainly unusual that yours entered this state after an outage, but obviously it can happen if your power had a brownout type situation 3 times during restoration. I haven’t tested it, but to avoid “thieves” and just general annoyance, perhaps they could make it so that it automatically exits pairing mode after 5 minutes or something. (It may already do that. As I said, I haven’t tested it.) But the flashing in general is to communicate the fact that you’re in pairing mode, which is important information to know, as the bulb has no speaker or other way of communicating that fact. (Once again, how would you suggest the bulb communicates it’s in pairing mode?)

If it hasn’t been cycled 3 times, it shouldn’t. To the extent that it’s not consistent, that’s obviously not by design. If it’s doing that in a scenario in which the power HASN’T been cycled 3 times (whether intentionally or not) it sounds like a bug. Can you recreate this scenario when you cut power and restore it only once? (Not 3 times?) If that’s happening, I agree it should be looked into. If it happens to you, you can share your logs with the support team so that they can look into it.

This is totally wrong. I can replicate the test any time

Specifically what happens? If you cut power for X amount of time and restore it, only once, it consistently enters pairing mode? It definitely shouldn’t, and if that’s happening, you should open a support ticket.

This is my last post – you’re not reading what I already posted. It is up there in the thread …

All I see is that you’ve said it’s inconsistent. That’s not really helpful in troubleshooting. If it’s literally different every time you turn it on and off, (but waiting a minute or so in between, to avoid 3 power cycles that will cause it to enter pairing mode) that seems like a faulty bulb.

If it’s consistently happening when you cycle only ONCE, (but waiting a minute or so in between, to avoid 3 power cycles that will cause it to enter pairing mode) that also seems like a faulty bulb.

If something else is happening, I guess I missed it.

As I said, I suggest you open a support ticket if your bulbs aren’t behaving as they should. When I first set mine up, they did become unpaired a few times the first day or two, but after a little troubleshooting, they’ve behaved as expected since then. (Even when power has been cut.) In my experience, they never spontaneously enter pairing mode after I cut power to them. (Only if they’d been power-cycled 3 times, as designed.)

If that were happening to me regularly, and I was 100% positive they hadn’t been power-cycled 3 times, I’d probably open a support ticket.

If it happened once after an outage and I couldn’t reproduce the behavior, I’d probably assume that inconsistent power during the restoration caused it to power cycle 3 times, and I’d therefore assume it’s behaving as designed and I’d just re-pair them without opening a support ticket.

Wait until your elders can’t remember their last state when they hit the 90’s. I still think getting old is a mean trick.

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If we had a simple sensor that would trigger when the power was not present and then restored, it could trigger a software “push” to the select Wyze devices that needed to be refreshed to remember it’s last state.

See, I knew watching a lot of movies can help in real life.

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What do you mean? Isn’t this the Wishlist?