Bulbs Offline After Power Outage, Wont Reset

Had a power outage last night. One bulb still works fine, two others came on, stayed on, indicate no connection. Cycling power and leaving off for several second to several minutes has no effect. If I have to reprogram the bulbs, reconnect to Alexa, re-establish all the scenes and other “conveniences” everything every time this happens, they’ll be going back. Hope there’s a fix; if not, it’s very poor product development and testing and I’ll not be recommending Wyze to anyone in the future.

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We’re sorry to hear about this problem, Tom. I’ll share your feedback with the team. What I think is likely is that the power flickered for the other two bulbs a few times and that set them into the pairing mode again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Actually, while I’m here, would you be interested in performing a test for this to make sure it’s not a different issue? To do this, please have the bulbs connected and then turn off the power to them for several seconds and turn it back on. If they disconnect, that’s something we need to look into separately from the issue I’m thinking is happening. If they stay connected, it likely is power flickering.

I had the same issues several times already…sometimes it says offline and never comes back and sometimes it does not show “offline”, but “on”/"off’ does not work anymore. I had to remove the device and added it back. Feel a little bit disappointed.

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Gave up waiting after leaving them on most of the day. Turning off and back on had no effect. Finally deleted both and re-added in the Wyze app only. Interestingly Alexa still operates both.

I’m choosing to believe the electrical outage “flickered” sufficiently to be seen by them as a reset. I think Wyze would do well to adjust their “reset” code (off-on three times) to something less common. Saw another code on- off 1 second-on-off 3 seconds-on-off. Probably need some power fluctuation expert advice.


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I am experiencing the same thing after a power outage. all 8 bulbs are offline, although 1 of the 8 shows as “online” but does not respond to any commands.

Is there any way to fix this without starting over the set-up process from scratch? Otherwise the bulbs are unusable.

I will have no choice but to return these bulbs if this isn’t fixed. Having to re-pair them every time is way more than I’m willing to do to make these bulbs work - I happen to live in an area where we get some fierce storms occasionally that cause short power disruptions. My other wifi bulbs from another vendor were fine after the power outage.

Obviously there is a good chance the power flickered during the outage. If this alone causes the bulb to lose its pairing, then this function needs to be reworked.



When will a firmware update be released to fix this issue ?

I believe this is more than a simple firmware update. I tried to recreate this last weekend when I was doing some electrical on my house, I killed power to the whole house, flickered it a bunch of times, at times just killed internet and sometimes just killed the bulbs, but no matter what I tried all 8 of my bulbs would power up and reconnect to the internet and work just fine

I’m talking to the team about this but don’t have further information at this time.