Bulbs Go Offline After Power Failure

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Kasa works perfect all the time

Wyze only good product indoor cameras the rest of stuff damaged goods.

my bulbs went offline yesterday. here i go again setting them up. It seems I am doing this every 6 months. also have learned the older apps work better then the current app version.

@Pitt, I agree. I think the outlet and bulbs are made by Xiaomi (or another OEM) for Wyze so they have a full smart home suite of items. I find the bulbs and outlets sub par in comparison to ehir cameras.

The construction of the cameras is much better than the bulbs and outlets. The outlets don’t even have a fuse on the incoming side. It is on the neutral. Meaning if the fuse were to fail open, the entire module would still be hot.

The bulbs, well, the bulbs I think are using a crappy controller. No one else uses the ESPWROOM02 controller. They all use the ESP8266 or it’s variants.

The lock works surprisingly well. I forget who they partnered with on making the lock but it is much better than I expected. At least so far.


I have experienced this issue with new Wyze bulbs that I purchased. They worked fine for a week until we had a power outage.

When the power restored, 4 of the 6 bulbs didn’t reconnect. Some reconnected after re-pairing them but I now have 2 Bulbs thats refuse to connect.

FW version:

Power outage here, and every single bulb has gone into pairing mode. I have ten bulbs in my house. None of the plug sockets are affected.

Now I have to go through all the bulbs, and re-add them one by one (remembering each of the names). Why isn’t there at least an auto-re-pair option?

This happens way too frequently. Surely there must be a way to avoid triggering pairing mode when there’s a power failure?

Why don’t I have the same issue with my Kasa bulbs? Something stinks in Whoville. This is a Wyze issue…IMHO

I have 3 Wyze bulbs outdoors and they are also on a smart switch, so everyday the power is cut to these three bulbs and everyday they reconnect by themselves

I think the problem is that when power comes back on after an outage, it isn’t a clean transition like turning on a switch. The transition is probably a bunch of power spikes, which is enough to give the bulb three power cycles resulting in a factory reset.

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This power outage pairing issue has been going on since 2019 and its now 2021 and no solution seems to be available???

I just purchased and installed WYZE bulbs this past week and also happened to have a power outage this week as well. I had a power outage last night and experienced the same issue everyone on here is having. The power fluctuated on and off several times before finally going out for several hours. But during the fluctuations I saw the lights all go into pairing mode (warm flashing light). Once power was restored the lights would not reconnect to the app. I let them sit for 24 hours but they never reconnected. Now I must delete and repair all the bulbs in my house.

I also have Hue bulbs in my house and I’ve never had issues with them on any power outage and did not have any issues with last nights outage. I was in the process of switching out my hue (2700K only bulbs) for these Wyze bulbs due to the lower price and ability to change white color temp. However, if I will have to delete and repair every bulb in my house (20-30+ bulbs) every time I have a power outage that is unacceptable. I will have to return these bulbs for refund and continue using the more expensive Hue bulbs, as they are at least reliable.

Can someone from WYZE please explain what is being done to correct this issue.

This is a total PITA. Every time the power goes out, I’ve got to reset all my bulbs. They are grouped, which makes resetting a further problem, and they are only accessible by a ladder. This sucks. If Wyze can’t fix this issue, they’re going in the trash.

I have my overhead lights hooked to a wall switch. so this may not work in your situation. this is what I do. I just the light at the light switch. wait 10 minutes and then reconnect the lights to wifi but just by turning them on and off till they go into their connect routine. then just use my phone to pair again. surprisingly the bulbs are connected to their last name and group name, for me. You won’t get anywhere with complaining to wyze. I learned that 3 years ago when this first started with me. if they ever break down. I will find a suitable other company to buy from. good luck from one dude to another dude :slight_smile:

The pairing process always asks me to type in the bulb name manually. How do you get it to remember the old name?

okay here goes. I go to the overhead light that stopped working. I turn the switch on and off until I get the bulb to go into the paring setup. I then go to the wyze app on my tablet or phone. I do the bulb but it shows a little cloud where normally the on/off icon is.
I then bring up the add new device, choose bulb, hit next when it asks if in pairing mode. By this time the bulb goes out of paring mode and the bulb is just on. It then says select wifi. I see the wyze bulb in the wifi and press it to connect. Then when it tries to actually connect to my wifi, I select my wifi. At this point, the app says something about going to settings and allow location settings. then I just keep pressing the back arrow on the screen till I get to the screen that shows all my devices. The bulb is still there but instead of the cloud icon, I now have the on/off icon. and it works. I have never had to enter the bulb name again. It may seem like a lot but that is what works for me.

good luck with that. Like I said those are the steps I have been doing for the last year or so. If it works for someone else, then great!

I install both Wyze and Kasa products. The Wyze camera software is superior to the Kasa line, however, the Kasa hardware is more stable and reliable. When it comes to Smart Plugs, Kasa wins hands-down because the logic is stored on the plug itself and not in the cloud. This means that if there is a power outage or WiFi interruption, the Kasa Smart Plug maintains its ON/OFF state and will continue to follow its schedule even if WiFi is lost. This may seem trivial, but, if a user is reliant on a schedule, the Kasa Smart Plugs are advantageous and the plugs react almost instantaneously to app commands. I really hope Wyze considers following Kasa’s lead in this area because the Wyze camera logic is considerably superior. If Wyze slows down and takes care of the little things like this instead of going hog-wild on new products, they’ll succeed. On the other hand, if Kasa solves the camera software deficiencies, I think it’s game over because their product integration is very good and thought out. Competition is good.