Bulbs Go Offline After Power Failure

Add to that my 7 bulbs are 150 miles away and we’re all turned on, I had to drive there and turn them off. This changes everything as I can’t be doing that every time the power drops.

In theory they should have come back on-line, where you can turn them off using your app.

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From what I understand, talking to some friends in the industry, a utility power circuit tries to automatically “reset” after a power event to try and clear the line of anything that may be causing a fault. From my understanding this reset will occur up to three times, at least in my area. If the first or second reset clears the line then things are okay, but if a third reset is needed, then the bulbs enter pairing mode.
We had a storm a few days ago, and this marks the third time that this has happened to me. I was able to observe the cycle again and after the third reset the bulbs entered pairing mode again. I have 10 bulbs, so this will take few minutes to fix, so I understand everyone frustration.
Hoping it may be as easy as changing entry to pairing mode after four power cycles if three “resets” is the standard for the power utilities.
I hope this gets fixed soon. That said, keep it up Wyze, solid products at great prices. Still a happy customer here.

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Seeing where others are mentioning similar theories to mine, should’ve read further in the thread. I agree with oryviej and feel it was confirmed for me after the last event. My bulbs exited pairing mode but did not default back to the previous wifi connection.

Come on Wyze, this has been going on since day one of the release of the light bulbs. We’re all experiencing the same thing. Power flickers a few times, and then we get to set the bulbs back up. You are smart folks, please fix this

I hear that we’re making changes so it takes a couple more cycles to enter pairing mode and adding greater control for what happens when the power comes back on. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I’ll continue sharing it with the team.


I have been having this problem with four of my Wyze bulbs as I had two sets in the overhead fan lights and I kept the switches on and just used the strings when needed for the fan. After a month of it not working and constantly trying over and over to get it working I moved all to two of the bulbs one in my bathroom set up on a sensor and one in my bedroom lamp. I am still having this problem with the bulb in the bathroom. Sometimes my roomates turn the switch off but never once can I just turn the switch back on and it reconnect. After deleting the bulb so many times to be honest I am just looking to get more hue lights as I have six of those and never have any issues with them like this. It is frustrating and I get so frustrated that I won’t even mess with it or try to fix it for weeks then I will try again then it works then doesn’t and I am kind of disappointed. At this point I am willing to give the bulbs one more try in my guest house that I Airbnb but I am done with them in my house. It is just to frustrating at this point and with so many smart devices when they don’t work it can become really annoying to have to keep fixing one or two of them every other week. If you have anything or suggestions for me as I move the bulbs in a couple weeks that would be great as I would at least like to get the four bulbs I already have working.

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I’m going to check with the team and see if they have anything to suggest. Could you please confirm your app and Wyze Bulb firmware versions for me? Sorry you’ve been having this experience!

Here you go again.

Thank you! I’m sending this over to the team.

Hi @shaunflak! Kim from Wyze here. I’m so sorry you are having that experience! It usually takes the bulb ~30s to reconnect to the network. Our engineers would love to help fix your bulbs. Do you mind sharing your bulb logs with us (in app Account -> Help & Feedback -> Submit a Log), and send me your support ticket number? Thank you!


Fed up, my bulbs are constantly off line and on again. Wyze obviously doesn’t have a clue after a year of looking at this issue. I have 2 properties, one is remote, same issues. Am now looking at other brands. No I’m not sending logs as it is a fruitless effort.

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Same here, I got tired of fixing the bulbs after an outage,

We are actively working on solving this issue! We’ll keep you posted on any updates!

If you experience any offline issue, please send you log to us! It’s in the app, Account -> Help & Feedback -> Submit a Log. Thank you!

Just wanted to add my voice. I recently expanded beyond my single Wyze cam and sense setup at a remote cabin by adding two Wyze bulbs. They are offline right now after a power outage. Well actually during an outage, because my generator is running so my WiFi is up, sensors are online, and I am looking out my camera at a beautiful day. However, the bulbs are offline, and there is nothing I’ll be able to do until I get there late tomorrow. Meaning I’ll use my iPhone flashlight to get my key in the door since the camera motion detection rule that turns on the porch light won’t work. And yes, all of my firmware is up to date. Suggestions welcome! Oh, I do like Wyze very much though :-).

In my app the “Bulb Settings” has a “Power Loss Recovery” option. I have found that cycling between “Maintain previous state” and “Turn the light on” and back again the bulb gets back on schedule after a power failure. Otherwise, it just stays on. Please keep in mind that the power failures that I have experienced recently were very short lived, so that may make a difference.

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Just tried that on my two bulbs from 250 miles away, and the app replied, “power failure setting failed.”

“Power loss recovery setting failed.”

Can you please submit a log of those two bulbs? We’d look into it for you. It’s in the app, Account -> Help & Feedback -> Submit a log.

I did. They are called:

SR Master Lamp
PB Moose Lamp