Bulbs Go Offline After Power Failure

I’m able to connect since this morning, but they turn them selves back on after a while, then I turn them off in the app. Then it happens again. I set up a shortcut to turn them back off after a few minutes which seems to be working. But I pay the highest electricity rates in the US .54¢ per kilowatt hour, so this is not a long term solution…

Two out of four of my bulbs are still unresponsive and do not show status.

Just and FYI that HUE had the issue for years too…that’s a new feature for them.

To be honest I don’t know why anyone would buy these bulbs. I can get wifi enabled Feit ones cheaper at Menards that work flawlessly. Won’t buy Hue again.

Thank you for letting me know, @Newshound. I’ll tell the team.

@Betabob, nice job with the Shortcut! But we agree that this isn’t a long term solution. We apologize for the trouble.

@Islandknights2004, thanks for telling me! I’ll tell the team.

@Betabob, could you please tell me what app version you are using? You can find this information under Account in the Wyze app.

I also have the HUES but my issue with them was after a power outage they all came on. Not remembering state was an issue for me also. But I like the pretty colors :slight_smile:

after almost a week of my bulbs working and staying connected… another one randomly went offline yesterday, (no power outage, it just quit), and although I’ve turned it off and on, over the last 24 hours, at least a dozen times …it won’t reconnect it just stays on 24 hours a day now…

I’m getting tired of this game.

Just get Feit brand available at menards. Wi-Fi, cheaper and light change capabilities.

I unhooked my bulbs too. After the most recent firmware update it seemed to clear up my random turn on issue. But it returned. I even had my bulbs on a ups.

The firmware is not robust which is odd because they use a fairly prolific esp based controller.

I suspect if they were flashed with tuya firmware they’d be fine.

I started a new topic that got closed because they pointed me here. Additionally, I specifically asked the question prior to purchasing: “if power gets cut do they reconnect and return to their previous state?” Everyone assured me yes.

Asked this last night, as this is what I am experiencing: “ Is there a trick to getting the bulbs to reconnect when power is cut? All of mine, if a switch is turned off, will never reconnect. I have to triple power cycle then to re set them up all over. Junk.”

However, it seems this is different than what this thread is about. This thread is assessing power outage, assuming there is some flickering that is triggering the setup mode. Not the case here. Lights on switches, switch getting turned off. Won’t reconnect when powering on. They are not entering paring mode (pulsing). When powered back on they go to full power, full white and do not connect. All bulbs in the 4 pack I bought do this.


Edit to add: the Wyze support section states “ If your Bulb has to be regularly set back up after falling offline, please submit a [Support Request] so one of our Wizards can help you find a solution.” So I just did that. Seems all to common of an issue.

Yeah. It seems like this is a general bulb failure thread with a headline that doesn’t match. All bulb issues are moved here it seems. The issue I have seen has nothing to do with power failures on the line end at least. I was on the pre-order for bulbs. Out of the 4 I ordered, only 2 are still in functional condition and one of them turns on by itself for no reason even with its line power being perfect( on a sine wave UPS).
I have 2 Gosund and 2 Aoycocr bulbs that work fine. The one bulb from Wyze that I have (that has always worked) continues to work. The other wyze bulb which has been a problem continues to turn on by itself. Support had nothing to suggest even after reporting. Let us know if you can what they end up doing for you.

welcome to the forum btw.

I have a bulb that is connected to a switch and the switch is turned off all day, when I turn the switch on it does reconnect, so if yours is not I definitely believe there is an issue of some sort and should get support involved.


Thanks. I did that last night. We’ll see what they say. All bulbs in the 4 pack I bought exhibit this behavior.

They aren’t on a dimmer switch or in metal cans, are they? And they don’t return to their previous state, they just come on. This is so you can use them as a normal light bulb. They should return to your previous brightness and color selection though. If they don’t do that, then they are probably replacement candidates.

Not on dimmers and not in metal cans. 2 of them are in table lamps and 2 are in ceiling fixtures (not recessed cans).

I’m confused by your statement that they don’t return to their previous state, just the same brightness and color…isn’t that the previous state? Mine will come on 100% brightness, full white, and not connect to the app.

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I guess that would be part of previous state. However, many want the bulbs to return to their previous state of ‘on’ or ‘off’, not just their previous settings.

Yours sound broke if they don’t return to the previous color & brightness. That doesn’t require a reconnection to the network. Secondarily they should also reconnect to the network, but occasionally that is an environmental issue.

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Since I got the bulbs 3-4 months ago I’ve had a few power-spikes or short outages, and each time the bulbs were ON but accessible/visible through the app. A little annoying as once I was on vacation and the lights were on for days before I noticed it.

However, yesterday we had a major power outage, where we were without power for about 1 hour. As usual, I came home to all the Wyze bulbs being lit, but this time time they showed as offline in my app. I was hoping to find a solution without having them to reconfigure them again, which, after reading through this thread, doesn’t seem to be possible. Not good and if this can’t get fixed I’ll have to look for alternative bulbs.


Ditto on the problem getting bulbs back online after a power failure. We are moving into a new house in which I installed two Wyze bulbs just to show some signs of life in the house. The entire development was without power for 12 hours. After power was restored, the app showed both bulbs as being offline. We just came to the new house and I had to delete both bulbs and connect to them again from scratch.

I have a couple of Lightify bulbs, and they always reconnect after a power failure.

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When there is a fault on a distribution line, the breaker will often reclose 2-3 times to see if the fault has cleared (as with a lightning strike). If the fault hasn’t cleared, the breaker will open and lock out, requiring linemen to do a field check and an electrician to go to the substation to close the breaker. This reclosing action could be a source of bulb resetting. A 5-6 cycle pairing requirement would counter this.

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I’ve had this happen with a simple single power outage. My pure sine wave UPS shut down once the battery was low which was powering the lamp(troubleshooting purposes as bulbs were not working right) and when the power restored, the ups came back on my bulb was on and no longer recognized. I had to re-associate it. Then of course two of them turned on at 2am for no reason.

There is definitely something not right with many of these bulbs. I think its a compatibility problem the WROOM 02 controller they used and the software written. I am down to one that works(kind of). I got rid of the other 3 and replaced them with Aoycocr bulbs. Those have been flawless so far and use esp8266 boards like Wyze used in the outlets.