Bulb user-controlled dimming and color shift timing (sleep routine)

I would like to use my bulbs for waking up with a timed light. It would be great if a gradient for intensity and color could be set over a fixed time. For example start at 10% intensity warm light and end at 100% intensity cool light over a 30 minute span.

Also, start at a warm glow, and fade out over a set amount of time, to fall asleep.


I’ve seen alarm clocks with this feature and other light bulbs and I want this with my Wyse Bulb.

Ideally, I would like the Wyse Bulb to go on a certain time and then gradually get brighter, up to a certain percentage (up to 100%) in an effort to gently wake up and ease into the day.

  • Fully customizable ‘sunrise’ from as short as 1 min to 1 hour

Like this


I’ve tried to do this with several different brands of smart bulbs, but never get the effect I want. When the bulb goes from 0% to 1% it jumps to a brightness level that I would not call 1%. More like 25%. It does not wake me up gently.


I agree, most smart bulbs lowest brightness is still a very abrupt wake up

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I’m also really hoping this feature gets implemented. Even if it’s not a soft start the plenty of other uses for both brightness and temperature fading


This is the feature I’m waiting for before I switch over to Wyze bulbs. I currently have a combination of Eufy bulbs and a Hue bulb that I use for this. I like to call this feature “wake up” or “alarm clock” or “sunrise” - it should help me wake up by turning on gradually and going from warm to cool leading up to the time I set.


Not a Wyze customer at this point but having a native sunrise simulation will certainly make me get the bulbs and of course those would act as a gateway to other Wyze products.


I wasn’t very interested in getting smart bulbs, but this feature would totally be worth it! I’d even design a super cool 3D printed housing for it :grin:


Have a mode on the bulb to automatically match the color/temperature based on the time of day.

More blue during the morning/day, and more yellow at night to help with our natural circadian rhythms. (Similar to iPhone True Tone.)


Id like to see a method for the bulb to dim before it turns off. Like vehicle head lights. It will give you time to leave the room while there is still some light.


Is there a way to control the speed from going to dark from bright? We use these in our showroom and love them but a slower dimming process would make it much more dramatic :slight_smile:


There is not. I have converted this topic to #wishlist so you may now vote on it by clicking the VOTE button at the top.


It would be great if there was an option to have Wyze bulb increase/decrease brightness over time instead of instantaneously. I’m imagining a setting where someone could set a shortcut to have a bulb turn on and then increase in brightness from 1% to 100% over a specified input duration. Having the same functionality for the color temperature would also be nice.

This could be useful when setting an alarm in the morning and having the lights gradually come on before the alarm goes off, similar to a sunrise alarm clock. One could set the light to come on at a specified time, and increase from 1% to 100% over 10 minutes. The same for the temp from soft white to daylight over the same time frame.

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I would also use a slow increase in brightness as a wake up light. Ideally this would be paired with an option to have the bulb remember state after a power outage. Otherwise it could come on in the middle of the night unexpectedly.


I’ve kinda-sorta done this, though not to the point of matching a dedicated device’s performance. I go from 100% to 75% at 8 after the desired hour, to 50% at 16, 25% at 24 & 0 at 30. It’s a smooth ramp down over the 1 second or so it takes for each jump, so it’s not a constant linear decrease, but it gets the point across. (The point being “hey dummy, go to bed”).

I got my wife a dedicated sunrise controller for our bedroom lamps her first birthday after we got married, so I’m a big fan of the concept. (I don’t want to say she second-guessed her life choice in marrying me after that’s what I got her for her birthday, but there was discernible side-eye at her realization of just how much of a gadget-head she married. It passed & 20 years later we’re still using it nearly every morning. And it wasn’t the only thing I got her… but neither of us remember what else there was.)

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Just got a few bulbs and yes, this would be really nice. I voted for this. It would also be nice to have the option to automatically warm the lights upon dimming (Maybe that’s a separate feature request.) I’ve got some non-smart bulbs that do this. (They’re warmer when dim and cooler when bright.) It feels more natural if you’re using a light on the cooler side. A cool light at low brightness feels eerie and weird, like a solar eclipse. (To be clear, it’s obviously already possible to warm the light when you dim it. I’d just be interested in adding an option to do this automatically when I dim a light, so that if I tell Alexa to dim the lights, they also get a little warmer at the same time.)

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You can do that in Alexa if you set it up in routines with a phrase, I have some like that now.
I also have a group of 2 when I say the phrase ( two words ) one lamp turns off the other one dims down to 30% soft white

In my kids room I have it set up to turn on at 50% at 6:30 and it kinda works but it would be great to have a gradual wake up mode.:grinning:
Hope to see this in the future.


Nice. I did finally set up a crazy Alexa routine so that when I say “Alexa, fade out,” it dims the lights to 50% immediately, then waits 5 seconds, then dims it to 45%, then waits 5 seconds, then dims it to 40%, then waits 5 seconds, then dims it to 35%… (You get the idea.)

Basically, I wanted to be able to turn off the lights with Alexa, but still give me time to leave the room without tripping over things. It works, but it’s not quite as fluid and pretty as I’d like. Haha.

The same feature (slow fade) would be really nice for waking up, too. Fading the lights up over 5 or 10 minutes, even changing the bulb temperature over the same period