Bulb is awesome!

Just received my bulbs. Had a little issue with connecting but it eventually did. It’s fantastic. It’s still daytime here but I’m going through the setup and everything is responding.
One note for others setting it up. I reinstalled my Wyze app a couple of times to reset things. The first time the bulb never asked for my WiFi password and I never realized it until the reinstall. So, don’t give up. It will take.


Lucky you! It seems many shipments are caught in the UPS Mail Innovations black hole.

Thanks for the installation insights. I know info like this will help others as they get their bulbs.

Just picked mines up at USPS and installed the first one. No issues at all.

I got mine and had some trouble but like any wifi connection it finally went through. They are pretty nice but I am going to set one up against a couple of different Hue bulbs and run them through some tests. At this point I can’t tell a difference but we will see what side by side looks like.

Let us know how it goes. If you can take pictures it would be awesome.

Beyond happy. Set up was a little strange. I had to turn it on, and leave it on for a second or so, then off, repeat three times. Too fast the first time and it wouldn’t pair. Still, not sure how I got it to connect- that whole wifi thing made no sense.

I read somewhere (here or reddit?) that you cannot connect it to a three-way socket. That’s not completely accurate. It’ll connect just fine - I just used the plug instead of the switch to initiate pairing mode. Might be a pain later, but it’s working fine.

AND, bonus, it was in my Google Home app immediately, and I just tell my Home Hub (or whatever they call it these days) to turn it on or off.

Can’t be used on a dimmer switch, if that’s what you may have seen.

I saw that, too, but this was specific to the three-way switch.

What I seem to remember is that it is not supported on a 3-way socket light. But, as mentioned, it should work. I am going to try it on the “medium” (2 clicks from off) and see how that goes. I think the hardest thing about these bulbs is going to be the education of the other members of the household. :grin:

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Well, you were right, it does work. And the bulb works on the medium and high setting on my lamp.

As to education, we have Hue lamps so Wife is used to them. But I have post-it notes on the lamps with the names until she gets used to the additions.

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The bulbs work fine in a 3 way socket I have 2 of them working right now, But I did not set them up With Those lamps , You might have trouble if you try that , I set them all up in a desk lamp ,

I will, I shot some night video to test the response times and brightness. I will link to that when I have it ready.

So life has a habit of side tracking plans, I shot video of this against the two phillips bulbs on 7-13 and somehow just now put my video together so I could post it. Really late to the game but here is the link.