Bulb Expectations - New to HA

So, I’ve setup my Wyze bulbs in a few closets that have pull string type fixtures and use the sensors to trigger them. It works pretty well (prefer motion sensor over contact sensor) but this convoluted setup lags a little too much with IFTTT and has gone offline a few times (8 hours of lit closet, yay). Then thought, “Why can’t the sensor connect directly to the bulb?” Is zigbee the only solution for this?

I’m just a little confused why the bulbs are WiFi only and the sensors rely on the hub.

Wyze more or less got me to dip my toes into HA for it’s simplicity and economy. I’m now wondering if what I’m trying to achieve is at all plausible on this platform.

Anyone else have a similar setup?

You don’t need ifttt to do what you are doing , you can use shortcuts to do it , with out the lag
I have my bulbs turn on with motion sensors with shortcuts and off , with shortcuts

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