Bulb delay

Bummed that the bulbs are delayed, but we still love wyze. Better to catch the issue now vs having a bunch of confused users who don’t read and think their bulbs are just defective. :joy:


Yes, thank you for the update!

But please, PLEASE increase your support team and efforts. This is going to be another new product and like the Sense, there will probably be issues. Hopefully there won’t be! But nothing is perfect, right?

When early supporters/adopters are supporting you and purchasing new products, there should be some extra emphasis on support for some sort of duration post launch. I hope you will agree.


I see no problem, just make the test server into the new production server and ship them as-is :rofl:


I did not get in to the bulb pre order in time, so I don’t have order waiting. Did an email go out, or was an announcement made (apparently) that bulbs are delayed? Anyone care to expand on what we know, including estimate? Thx!

Shipping pushed back to very early July, bulb early backer email.


The bulbs are delayed until the first week of July due to a mishap with the firmware and which server they’re programmed to talk to :slight_smile:.

I appreciated the update and the fact that Wyze admitted to a mistake instead of blaming “production delays”.


I did pre order but have not rec’d anything about the delay,

BUT that reminded me of another bulb delay about 60 years ago.

My Grandmother bought a lot of tulip bulbs (she was a fantastic gardener) and gave them to my Grandfather to plant.
He didn’t like getting down on his hands and knees.
So he went out with his 5’ long crowbar, that weighed about 20 pounds. He’d poke a hole in the ground, wiggle the bar till the bulb would fit, drop the bulb down.
The bulbs came up - TWO AND THREE YEARS LATER!


Im not upset about the delay. I had never heard of an official shipping date to begin with. So one week extra? No biggie.


I got the email , we get them when we get them , I don’t care


I just got my shipping notification :grin:

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I didnt get any notification but just checked my order and it shipped today. imagine the notification will come later today?

found the email GMail had it in updates folder…

Mine said it was supposed to be delivered TODAY (July 8)… It’s 7:15pm CT where I am and it never came :frowning:

End of business day in shipping is usually 9pm.
I’d say it’s not really necessary to be concerned yet. And it shipped, so it’s kinda out of Wyze hands if it isn’t there yet

Yes, I had a camera “out of Wyzehands” in USPS that went from Seattle to Memphis for a weekend, returned to Seattle then came down to me in Mississippi.

From what I understand, UPS Smartpost hands it off to USPS. My mail came at 12:45pm today. I know this because I have a Wyze Contact Sensor attached to my mailbox, so I know it isn’t coming today or it would have been in my mailbox when I got home from work today. I am not complaining, just disappointed that the tracking said it was supposed to arrive today but it wasn’t the case.

I had an item from Amazon that was delayed today , Was not a wyze product though

I read an article somewhere today that Amazon employees in Minnesota are planning on going on strike for 6 hours on Prime Day. I am not sure where that impact will be felt throughout the country, but I am sure it will definitely have an impact.

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Ill report back how it goes, that fulfillment warehouse is a tad over a mile from my house lol.

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Thanks @Omgitstony I am curious to know!

The UPS tracking number can also be used on the USPS website to get more local information