Build a IR interface for controlling TV, A/C and other home appliances

With the release of Wyze sense and Wyze’s push into home control I would hope to see an IR module to allow control of home appliances similar to a universal remote. There are currently two options, a very expensive Logitech Harmony hub or barely usable Chinese devices. I would love for Wyze to provide a reasonably priced solution for this problem. I’m not sure if this function can be adapted into the IR LEDs already on the camera, but a plugin module similar to Wyze Sense wouldn’t be a bad option either. The community can provide and share the IR database by programming their own devices and providing information on brand/model.

I’d prefer to see a model that can emit both IR and RF as to cover virtually every remote controllable device.

A seperate device would make the most sense as we have remote controlled tower fans in our bedroom where we don’t have any Cams or motion sensors. Being able to tie it in with a routine on Google Assistant would be great as well!


I agree. This would be great!

You know, until Wyze decides to develop something like this, I used to have a BLAST with a Casio CMD-40 Watch. We are talking early 2000’s, I think. Maybe you can still get one. I controlled my TV from it, and was the hit of my friends in bars when I could change the bar TV to their favorite sports team by nonchalantly tapping on my wrist. Confused the heck out of the bartender. The TV kept changing channels, but they didn’t know why, lol.

It even had a learning mode where you could teach it any IR code you liked. Just hold the foreign remote up to the sensor, and assign the command to a button on the watch.

When cell phones became so prevalent for telling time and I started using my computer to watch TV shows, I took it off my wrist. But it was a blast for a long time, lol!



What are your thoughts about a Wyze Entertainment hub to compete with Harmony?

A universal remote with simple set up and actually controls individual devises of the entertainment center.
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Logitech is dropping Harmony, so this is a good opportunity for Wyze to make a good TV controller!

Harmony will be supported for a while, but will not make any new ones

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With Logitech discontinuing its Harmony Remote Controls, this seems like a great time to jump into this market.