bug report - IFTTT lost connection



android app verion 1.4.18

updated to the latest beta firmware and within 24 hours, my IFTTT service was lost from Wyze. my internet did not go down during this time and my wifi is solid.



I have this problem as well - IFTTT gets disconnected from my Wyze account every couple of days. I’m on iOS, running 1.3.152.

I can reconnect without problems, but the connection only lasts a day or so.


I also have the same problem.


Been having issues with IFTTT since i started using it 2 weeks ago. The applets work maybe 1/3 the time :frowning:


I have this issue, too. However, I am having the issue on iOS equipment with the Beta app and iOS equipment with the Release app. Therefore, I. would conclude it is something with the IFTTT / Wyze connection not the Wyze beta app.


I am experiencing this also on Android, but only after a firmware update to the Pan and three V2s. I believe this might be intentional to enable IFTT to communicate to the devices and possible new capabilities


I have the same issue constantly on my Android phone. Nearly every day for me.


IFTTT drops the Wyze Cam connection about every 24-36 hours.

Definitely a bug.


I’m also getting this issue.