BUG: Name Your Price Breaks Person Filters

I know you said you don’t have CamPlus but did you EVER have it or any other financial relationship with your Wyze account? I have not. Just thinking that may be an account toggle somewhere. That, or app version specific behavior.

Edit: Ah, this is very likely why:

I had the forced Cam Plus trial and do have a CC on my WYZE account for the stand alone PD.

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I am eligible to pay my price, but at the same time I don’t want to lose what I have now (person detected enabled and working well). Until this bug is resolved, it sounds like I will either (1) need to sign up for name your price to avoid missing the opportunity, but not have the ability to see the events with persons without first going through the work around, (2) sign up for CamPlus to have a good experience, but not be able to name my price, or (3) do nothing and lose person detection until I decide to get CamPlus. Am I right?

What’s the eta and probability of the bug getting fixed before next week?

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Meanwhile the PD accuracy and reliability, as per my own and some others’ anecdotes, has significantly degraded this week. It was really near perfect until 2 days ago and now it is missing people and also having false alerts. Not exactly making me want to rush in my subscription.

The bug isn’t a sure thing. I’ve never had the problem.

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If you only have one camera that really needs PD and budget is a concern, it’s kind of a no brainier to put the money towards CamPlus instead of paying nearly the same recommended price for free PD.

Agree. But I’m looking at an account with 20 cameras.

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Good to know!!

Doesn’t sound as if this happened yet? Pity that it won’t be fixed before the special enrollment period is even over. :frowning:

I ended up just cancelling the Person Detection service. I figured I’d pay extra because I wanted to see it succeed, and even $3/mo is cheaper than most competitor services, but… it’s never worked. I’m not hard up for the $3/mo, but I think Wyze will need to basically offer it free to everyone for a while to rebuild confidence. At the moment, I don’t think I’m even willing to jump through troubleshooting hoops for it, I think it’d need to “just work” and not require any sign-up, enabling, etc effort.

Hmm, I finally joined the experiment and my person filters are still working with an ancient Android app version and a more up to date iOS app version. Of course that could change tomorrow with the end of the old so-called pilot.

I assume the bug exists only in the new version of the app (which is programmed to heavily tout CamPlus).

Fortunately, mine continues to work. I’m using the $0 option, and it’s working fine so far.

It does struggle to recognize me sometimes if I’m not facing the camera, but 65% of the time it’s fine. If I face the camera, it seems to be 100%.

I have Alexa notifications turned on, so I’m fully aware of when it works and when it does not.

It has detected my cat twice as a person, but that’s when he’s up on his cat stand at people height.

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I have the 2.14 version of the iOS app and can now filter for person detection without being prompted to sign up for CamPlus.

Thank you for informing, worked out great

El El mié, 14 de oct. de 2020 a la(s) 09:57, AlbanyHDTV via Wyze Community <wyze@discoursemail.com> escribió:

Anyone else still having this? I have the new 2.14.35 app version and all my firmware is up to date. When i go to acct then services. I dont even have the option to turn person detection on. I’ve been charged for my 2nd month of name your price on the 23rd so i know im subscribed. Ive submitted a log. Its happening on all my devices. So frustrating because i can only use motion detection now and everything goes off. I want my PD back.:weary:

Well i changed my price to $0 since it wasnt working. Now there’s a pilot version of person detection under services. Wonder if it will last. I hope so!

Well here it is Dec. 6, 2020, I have been paying for PD for 3 months, all cameras enabled, one WCPan, 2-WCV2. Motion detection enabled on all 3, but in notifications there is no option to select Person Detection. There is an option for “Wyze AI Detection” is that the same thing? I’m about to cancel my “donation.”

iOS app, all up to date…

My understanding is that AI detection is the new term that encompasses not only Person Detection, but forthcoming car, dog, package, etc. detection.

Gwen, I’m still having this issue. How do I resolve it? I’m on the current beta firmware and app.

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I don’t know, what happened with me is that i changed the price back to $0 since it wasn’t working and somehow it started working again. Idk if the price change pushed the subscription through or something. Good luck