[BUG] Camplus and IOS Quality Issue

I’m looking for a way to report a bug. I’ve opened a support ticket, but I’m not sure they really understand the issue. I’ve tried the reddit sub, I thought I’d try here as well.

Issue: Clips downloaded from Camplus recording to my iphone download at 320p resolution, not 1080p. The recording look great in the Wyze app and are the full 1080p.


If I download a clip recorded by my WCO with camplus enabled the resulting file on my iphone is 568x320. I found during troubleshooting today if I remove the camplus license and let it record the default 12 second clips the resolution of the download is 1920x1080.
I’m downloading by clicking the download icon in the Wyze app
Two others have reported the same issue and they are on V3s.
All 3 of us are using IOS devices.
One user reports if he switches to an Android tablet he gets the full 1080p resolution.
My WCO is on Beta (4.171.35). One of the V3 owners reports being on Public (v2.18.21)


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same here
Saving video from doorbell and get drop in resolution , not sure if its 720p or lower
but it is terrible looking
i dont see any setting to control it , looks to be fine on Android

its 1:1 crop


I’m not sure if they are looking into this issue or not. I’ve posted it in several places and opened support tickets but there’s been no reply from Wyze.

im sure its not helping if other people saying its working , and they don’t do proper test or don’t have CamPlus at all…

if you have SD card in camera you can press “Playback” at the bottom of the event screen and it will take you to Playback from SDcard same spot/time and you can record from it in normal HD …

it will not work on doorbell as it got no SDcard

I noticed it on my WCO because it also doesn’t record events to the SD card.

The other source of confusion is that it works on android. You can download the same clip to android and it’s 1080p.

If you have an android tablet or phone give it a try.