Brother in law has access to my Wyze videos

The footages were old but I don’t know how old tbh. he said he connected his phone to wifi because he doesn’t have cell service and they starting appearing.

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Yes. Saved on his camera roll on his android.

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Thank you all for your replies and help. I checked everything possible and found nothing. I even changed my password to my google and Wyze and she will change her password later today for her email

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Just curious if you have a Network Attached Storage (NAS) or other external storage device connected on your network? If you have a NTFS (New Technology File System) on your network and it’s not locked down then by providing access to your WiFi you’re also giving them access to those files.

Although I have a NAS that backs up my computer/tablet/smartphone my television(s) has open access to those files. (I have allowed access to those files on my home network.) You only need to download an app on a phone to gain access to ALL of your files (photos, videos, documents, music).

So there are two things you can do. Change your NAS/NTFS settings to block access on your network or better yet, ensure your router allows a Guest Access with its own different password. Give your guest access to that Guest login/password.

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Calm down. I know what’s happening.

Go to Do you see your wyze videos there? Well. Android notices when a new folder of videos/pics is created and it asks you if you want to automatically back those up to google drive. You chose yes, and Google did as you said.

You also have photo sharing enabled with your brother in law, or have shared your google drive with him, or you two are using the same google account.

That’s what you need to fix. Use your own account, separate from his, and you won’t share the same files.

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You didn’t read the thread?